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Sold Selling very project of a car

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Selling a 1969 bmw 2002 project car. Not running, lots of parts taken off.


I bought this car off ebay a while ago, it ran but not super well.


It's a Washington title. Lots of rust, but not ant structural rust.


The rear wheel well is gone. The rear passenger side foot well is pretty bad, has a hole.


Shock towers have no rust.


I have the engine out, the diff out, the transmission out, the exhaust assembly out. I basically wanted to do a ground up resto. But need to move to LA in 2 weeks.... dont have space down there to work on the car.


I have all the parts I've taken off in a bin and labeled.


Very sad haha.


Asking for 1k OBO, need gone ASAP.


I can take more pics.


If I cant sell it soon, I'll probs just donate it if I can lol.bda45625e7640cd95680f54b2fec296e.jpg&key=8b87bfefe232d1235e2bae53a25ca7ae2004ee34ec7aefb00daa20fff42c2b8e495fb29c883eb56f617527aca121e254.jpg&key=d0bd884dd5647cc73227ab799441c728c7524055428adbbc7cbe0a0cb8246c9c960c7da6f66f8e4b745fa732f0ccdcbd.jpg&key=4cf3951ce664ab9e855e49ef27a20f610aa630b9d7fa413982534fc63bbf0c3058479d871b43ce9fbb4712ec2832dbe9.jpg&key=b4403fe8eeee4d283219666af4f71db97a8419005ac64b6eb1ffc61da98f26a9404078fd2f716c67888c55a6f19c94f9.jpg&key=3f24d630e0fc4cfc96fd066e963a1a63050481337372c6ecb3cf97a8742d797a4cb635eabf73fb5012da0330522c0744.jpg&key=0542584c39c296b2ecb95c856ffbca28ad5b08a0a4ef0cb38622ded04c4c09f2248c21cc99b1c9155270d876f4b7fd2f.jpg&key=9b0a6f85fec84ab32f9229554a29f18821940f0e133e980fbaf9a98c86c591e6388feee1f4ca1813e64ac89ab894c028.jpg&key=5ba2eae1d0e49ba19b00ff259e839c8751b0b6c9fcd99b735d0781ce5e69b5b39fd73eb7a5d1e02cff0cb638adc045d8.jpg&key=44745279762a2a324f95917e1d85b6e039fa0eac47dc69b9f424747ff1ea45ff


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