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1976 Chamonix

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Price: $7500
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


There hasn't been a whole lot of love coming from the listing, so I have decided to go ahead and fix the outstanding mechanical issues and (probably) install a Weber 32/36 to wake the motor up a bit more.  I may tackle some of the cosmetic stuff too, kind of undecided about that since I like patina better than too-shiny restorations.


Given that I have seen 76s with corrosion listing for 15K I am a little surprised at the lack of interest.  Even as she sits, this car is a hoot to drive.  Maybe I was a little too honest about the flaws.......but I wouldn't feel right about taking someone's $$ without them having a really good idea of what they were getting into.  There are no real showstoppers with this car, it just sat for too long and as a result there are things that need refreshing.


I'll likely end up keeping it after all, but haven't discounted the possibility of relisting here or elsewhere once the work is done -- so if it pops up again with a price bump you know why.


Thanks for all the views, and if anyone has questions, I'm always happy to talk cars.






1976 BMW 2002 in Chamonix -- Survivor Car in need of tweaking


I bought this car sight unseen from BAT a couple of months ago.  Here is the original listing with well over 100 pics; the car still looks the same:




The vendor wasn't forthcoming about the true condition of the car, and some of the copy is incorrect.  The fuel tank was not flushed (it has quite a bit of crap in it) and the spare carb that's included is not stock but a dual Weber in need of a rebuild.


When it was delivered, it was difficult to start and impossible to keep running.  I brought it to a local mechanic who has experience with these, and he rebuilt the carb and installed a new fuel pump.  However, he discovered the head gasket was leaking also and that was changed (head was machined at the same time).  A few other minor items were addressed; I have a little over 2K CDN in repairs on top of the purchase price.

The Good:



  • Remarkably clean body.  Plenty of dings and the passenger door needs a reskin, but excellent bones.  Neither me nor my mechanic could find any serious corrosion anywhere.
  • Motor pulls hard and isn't making any weird noises.  Runs cool.
  • Brakes, clutch, and transmission are all good.
  • Haven't found any electrical gremlins, although the aftermarket stereo doesn't work.  The head unit powers on, but no sound, think the stock speakers aren't hooked up.
  • Passed an Ontario safety in late June.
  • Sheaf of records and period pics from the 80s will be included with the sale as well as the old Weber and a few spare parts.


The Bad:


  • Fuel leak.  The first time I filled it, it left a puddle on my driveway.  There is a fairly strong whiff of gasoline in the interior, too.
  • Despite the vendor's claim, the fuel tank was not flushed.  I installed a second clear in-line fuel filter as a temporary fix after a clogged filter left me stranded, but the tank really should be properly cleaned out.
  • The oil light flickers above about 3K RPM, cause unknown.  No weird noises, though, and it stays nice and cool.  (Have driven it in temperatures of 90 F with no trouble).
  • Lumpy idle.  The motor was rebuilt for race specs in the 80s and I think it has an aggressive cam profile.
  • It -badly- needs sway bar bushings and probably an alignment.  I have the bushings (bit hard to find) and will include with the sale.
  • One rear tire doesn't match the rest.  I would probably replace all of them.
  • Interior is a bit tired.  Driver's seat has a seam split, horsehair is wearing out, shift boot has a split at the base.  Headliner is good, though, and the dash has a couple of small cracks.
  • Passenger window will go down with difficulty, but needs manual intervention to close.  Probably needs a new regulator on that side.


All in all, this is an excellent candidate for a drive as you restore car, or fix the outstanding issues and just have a sexy survivor.  


Reason for sale?  The original vendor wasn't at all clear about the flaws and I have bitten off a bit more than I can chew right now.  I am not looking to make money on the deal and in fact will be taking a bit of a bath (shipping and taxes took a big bite) so please don't try and lowball me.  


Unlike the original seller, I have been as transparent as I can be about condition.


Happy to help with shipping, and if you're local, you're welcome to come have a look.....or send somebody to do it for you if not.


Front Right.jpg


Passenger Side.jpg



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Taking car off market.
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