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Sold 1974 BMW 2002 tii, VIN number: 2780517

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Price: $19000
Location: Clinton, CT 06413


Hey Guys,

Up for sale is a 1974 BMW 2002 tii, VIN number: 2780517.

Let me start with a full disclosure, as some of you know this car was up on BAT for the past week, unfortunately the car did not hit reserve. This car is a nice example of a quality driver, it has some imperfections but is a great car and a blast to drive. The car was originally painted Tiaga, a relatively rare color but has undergone a complete color change to blue a few years back. The car presents well with a 7/10 paint job.  Below is a list features:

1.       Brand new Rota alloys and tires

2.       H/R springs

3.       Bilsteins all around

4.       Suspension was removed cleaned and repainted and reinstalled.

5.       All ball joints, and tie rods are in great shape.

6.       Crack free tii dash

7.       Momo Steeing wheel

8.       Ansa sport exhaust

9.       Freshly resealed and painted engine with cold compression values: 145,140,145,150 PSI

10.   Dr. Schrick camshaft

11.   Tubing header

12.   Clutch master and slave were replaced

13.   Car shifts smoothly and without issue.

14.   New front floor pans

15.   Frame rails have been replaced from the subframe back.

16.   Before refitting the underside components new undercoat was applied.

17.   Previous owner replaced Driver side shock towers and rocker panels.

18.   When the car was purchased, the driver side door had rust along the lower edge. I have replaced it with a solid rust-free door put on the car. The downside to that is the paint match is not perfect.

19.   Any bolt that came off the car was replaced with brand new zinc dichromate hardware.

20.   I cleaned and re-wrapped the wire loom in TESA tape.

21.   All the benefits that come with a tii, bigger brakes, upgraded suspension.


Some things worth mentioning that can be address at the buyer’s leisure:

1.       The tii clock does not work and I borrowed its power feed for the radio.

2.       The rear shifter selection shaft seal seems to have a weep, somewhat common but worth mentioning.

3.       The passenger side inner hood hem is had some rust brewing, I peeled back the hem cleared the rust, passivated it and repainted that area. This was over roughly a 1.5 ft length of the hem, otherwise the hood is solid.  

4.       The drivers and passenger seats have some wear at the pivot points but no tears.

5.       The car runs a little rough when cold. Once starts to enter the blue it evens out and runs great. Some people on BAT commented that it may be associated with the cam but it may also be an adjustment or service on the fuel injection.


Once again, this car is not a concourse car, it is a great driver with a lot of fun upgrades. If I was going to keep the car I would strip the car and bring the car back to taiga due the rarity of the color. The car is registered and insured so if you are in the Northeast area and want to come see and drive it I would implore to come out.


Please see the link below for more photos as well as in-car and cold start videos:



If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to PM me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.















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9 hours ago, DaveE92 said:

Really excited to have my first 2002!


Welcome, Dave!


Enjoy it and drive it. Take your time to determine what you’d like it to be!


Oops: I’m so clumsy, I appear to have accidentally borrowed a photo from Carl (OriginalOwner) and, somehow, transferred it to this thread. It obviously has nothing to do with this thread: the photo seems to focus on a shiny green metallic car... ? “What? You’re suggesting that that car is a Taiga metallic 1974 tii? No way: they are really rare!”







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