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Sold factory black

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Price: $5700
Location: Silver Springs, Nevada


I was on my way to Brisbane last year, and the motor developed a severe knock and was using a lot of oil.  I pulled over and had the car towed back home. The pictures shown here were taken just before I installed the IE sway bars, new exhaust and made my attempt to drive it to Brisbane in 2018. It has been in an enclosed Nevada desert storage unit ever since.  Other than it being a bit dusty, it is in the same condition as shown.


I had hopes of reviving this car before I returned overseas, but the task is a bit too daunting before my departure date.  I'm putting it out to forum members first before I deal with the GP on Craigslist.  If you're interested, the best way to reach me is via my personal e-mail:  [email protected]

Some of the high points:

*Built February 1976. Factory black.  The owner prior to me lived in Reno and bought it from a Naval officer stationed in San Diego.  The car had a blown head gasket when he bought it.  Prior owner attempted a rebuild on an E10 motor, but I suspect he missed some details, hence the engine failure.  The failed motor is still in the car.

* Although the prior owner denied it, I believe the car has been re-sprayed, but it appears to be nice job and the paint is of good quality.

*The body is straight and solid with little to no rust.

*The underbody is clean and nearly rust free (I’m sure there are some small surface rust spots, but are not significant).

*The seats have been tastefully recovered, however the cloth center portions of the upper rear seat are seeing UV damage (fading/cloth coming apart).  There is a non factory headliner.  Otherwise the interior is in original condition (carpet, am/fm center console speaker, etc.) and has not been molested with a non factory stereo installation, etc.

* I have since installed a Momo wheel and shift knob (not in the photos).

* Evidence points to the fact that the electric sunroof was installed at the dealer, and was not done at the factory, but the unit works quite well.

* Dash is above average, but does have some cracking.

* Bumpers have been tucked.

* B&G springs with Bilstein sport shocks and stainless steel brake lines have been installed.

* Ireland Eng, sway bars have been installed.

* New exhaust (IE stainless downpipe with basic Ansa center resonator and muffler); this is not evident from the pictures.

* New blower motor installed in the heater box.

*Tires have tread, but are old and should be replaced.  Wheels are French "Vial" brand and in good condition.

* 5 speed (Getrag 245) conversion installed.

*I will include the original matching numbers block, because I know some people are into that kind of thing.  The original head was not salvageable.



The car is not drivable and must be trailered. For someone who's willing to install a new motor, this will be a very nice car and certainly provide return on that investment.



I have a clean NV title in my name.  I have the original owners manual, where prior owners have made handwritten notes of the service history, however no receipts were provided to me when I purchased the car.

Your interest is greatly appreciated!



















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Delete dublicate picture. Add drivers side picture. Adjust assumption that car had a factory sunroof to it being a dealer installed option.
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As a clarification concerning the headliner/electric sunroof "option": notes on repairs indicated that work was done on the sunroof motor at some point, and I believe this is when the headliner was replaced with the nonfactory material.  Sales brochures from 1976 indicate the power sunroof as an option. Center console appears to be made to accommodate a power switch. These things point me in the direction of believing that it was a factory option. Does anyone know if that's ever been a dealer installed option?

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Can you give any more info on “little to no rust?” Surface rust on undercarriage is no biggie obviously...any signs of bubbling on shiny parts? Thanks! I have a motor and this car already has the 5 speed...which 5 speed is it btw? 

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Thanks Les, for the orientation.  After seeing your car and the location of the switch, I think I will fall back the assumption that this was most likely an option installed at the dealership.


I'm going to modify the posting to say as much. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to offer transparency about the origins and condition of this car.

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To answer Highnote1's questions:


The 5 speed is a 245 Getrag...the conversion that's typically done for the '02s.


The car was located in San Diego for many years of its life, according to the knowledge passed on to me by the prior Reno based owner.  So, it appears that there is some salt air surface rust on some areas of the undercarrage, but to the best of my recollection, there were no parts that were bubbling through...except the one item I recall below.


It's been over a year since I've really given the car a close look.  If my memory serves me correct, there was one area on the front drivers side wheel well, that area that collects rocks, sand and water, that my have a dime sized bubble appearing.  But I'd like to reserve further comment until I get out to my storage unit on Friday.  For those who are interested, please shoot me an e-mail ([email protected]), and I'll be happy to beam detail pictures to those people.


Overall, the appearance of the car seems to have been very well cared for before it reached my hands.


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7 hours ago, Jbaumshelter said:

 Reach out to conserv on this forum. He would most likely have the answer to that question. 


I really don’t know much about the electrically-operated sunroofs, beyond that they existed as an option from, perhaps, 1974 onward. There was even a turbo in Japan with what was reported to be a factory power sunroof. Below is the option list from the January 1975  (“1/75”) version of the 1975-76 U.S. sales brochure, which says simply, under Optional Equipment: 


“...steel sunroof (manually or electrically operated)...”


The same language appears in the January 1976 version of that brochure. I don’t have a 1974 sales brochure handy, however, to verify an entry for the electrically-operated sunroof in that year.


There are definitely a few of these 2002 sunroofs that were installed at the factory, more so among Euro-spec cars than among U.S.-spec cars — because Hoffman Motors and BMW NA did the ordering “for you” with respect to 99% of U.S. cars.


The 200 “Final Edition” 1976 2002’s (Polaris with red leather interiors, ooh la la! ?) purportedly had electrically-operated sunroofs but the most concrete evidence we have that any such edition existed is a BMW CCA Roundel classified ad from the 1980’s (Mike S. saw the ad) and a couple of ‘76’s still kicking around with factory red leather seats, neither of which has an electrically-operated sunroof! Regardless, there are probably a few surviving factory electrically-operated sunroofs.


The switch location, in the console, however, suggests to me that perhaps someone “powerized” a manual sunroof. I’ve thought multiple times about electrically-operated sunroofs — frankly, who here hasn’t ! ? — and all the parts are available, more or less. Someone, perhaps Henning, electrified his manual sunroof, using a smoother quieter motor than the unit originally provided by Golde.


Come to think of it, an electrically-operated sunroof with a pop-up noise generator — er, I mean, pop-up wind deflector — sounds like one of the coolest options I can imagine on an ‘02.... ?


Sorry, got distracted! ?









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