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Clint Carroll

Group Buy of Recaro Seat Rail Adapters

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Hi everyone


Production indeed had started by August 22nd and all kits were shipped yesterday, September 24th. Production was basically four weeks. I hoped I could have done it in three. But, oh well. Sometimes small jobs get pushed by bigger ones. 😉


Everyone shall receive their parts by early next week. I made 4 extra sets (four cars / 8 seats) and they are available at the regular price of 180$cad (roughly $135usd) + 30$cad shipping. Steve at Bluntech will most likely have a few sets fo sale too. Purchase Steve's first. Then when he's out of adapters, contact me. 😉 


These adapter fit all bolt patterns found on Recaro seats.


4 x 6mm mounting

6 x 6mm mounting

4 x 8mm old style mounting (VW seats most of the times - Trophy)

4  x 8mm new style (longer distance between mounting points).


All required fasteners included and they are zinc plated and grade 12.9


Thanks all for participating to Clinton's group buy

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Hey Lee, 


Thanks for the brackets...now I can get rid of the custom brackets I cobbled together.  


I'll try to get some better pics, but these are old Recaro Trophies out of an 88' VW. I wanted to have some fun with this interior and picked out cloth for the seat centers and door panels. It's not for everyone, but I am happy with the end result.  




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Hey Lee, 


I was thinking about it last night, and I have actually had these Recaros for about 12 years and they have been in 3 different cars. They always had the factory gray centers until now. 


About 10 years ago they were in my E30 and guess who I bought the adapters from?  


I love the look and feel of these seats.... thanks for helping me adapt my seats to my different BMW's.  

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