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Sold M10 Complete Hot Rod Engine Turn Key ***SOLD***

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Price: $10000
Location: 92835


Yes, the price listed is correct. If seriously interested continue on, if you cannot afford move along. If you want to see engine porn you can also continue on. Please inform yourself below for the reason of the price and before you ask any questions. If the ad is here it is still for sale.


This motor #2530700 has been built by myself. I do not have much notoriety myself when it comes to building engines (I'm no Tinney), but I have built this under the watchful eye of Mr. Jeff Ireland here at Ireland Engineering where I work. I must state this engine is NOT being sold by IE, but by myself Andrew, a third party. I do however have many references to my work apart from Mr. Ireland including: Matt Rose (Ronin Autowerks), Andrew Adams (Adams Autosport), Matt Burnett, etc. etc., that can vouch for my quality of work, although I think the photos and videos speak for themselves. My seller reputation on here, eBay, and through my ads on CL etc. is impeccable and I wish to keep it that way. Also if you have seen my blog here on the FAQ you know that I do not mess around with cutting corners or imperfections. I am OCD when it comes to a build, as shown in this one no expense has been spared. I am offering a 6 month warranty on any part included in the sale after the purchase date.


I want to try to keep this sale local, so the buyer can come see for themselves what they are getting, also so I can keep an eye on it in case something happens after installation. I would also like to be paid in cash. I may consider shipping if it comes to that, but would really prefer not to have to build a crate or dump the break-in oil.


On to the good stuff..


Cylinder Head:


E12 date stamped 11/74 Shaved/Pressure Tested/Valve Job also Ported to Match Gaskets

New Ireland Engineering SS Intake & Exhaust Valves Standard Size

New Valve Guides

New Valve Seals

New Valve Spring Keepers

New Ireland Engineering Single HD Valve Springs

New Ireland Engineering Chromoly Valve Spring Retainers

New Ireland Engineering 292 Billet Camshaft

New Ireland Engineering HD Rocker Arms

New Ireland Engineering Rocker Locks

New Rocker Shafts

New Rocker Shaft and Rocker Arm Hardware including Valve Eccentrics

New Oil Pressure Sensor

New Valve Cover/Exhaust Manifold/Intake Manifold Studs

New OEM Fuel Pump Block-Off Plate

New Ireland Engineering Single Row Adjustable Timing Gear

New Ireland Engineering MLS Head Gasket Standard Thickness

New ARP Cylinder Head Bolts

New Ireland Engineering Billet Valve Cover Anodized Black (You'll never see this one again) (also if it were me I would polish the tops of the fins)

New Ireland Engineering Valve Cover Breather

New OEM Valve Cover Stud Caps




Serial Number #2530700 (According to VIN decoder a '69 2002) Bored and Honed

New 90mm Ross Racing Pistons 10 to 1 compression

Knife Edged Crankshaft also Micropolished and Balanced

New Ireland Engineering Standard Sized Coated Main & Rod Bearings

New Ireland Engineering 135mm H-Beam Connecting Rods

New Ireland Engineering Oil Pan Baffle And Windage Tray

New Ireland Engineering M10 Oil Pump w/ Refurbished Pickup

New Oil Pump Sprocket and Chain

New Freeze Plugs

New Single Row Crankshaft Sprocket

New Timing Chain

New Timing Chain Spring and Piston

New Timing Chain Guide & Rail

New Ireland Engineering 4" Crankshaft Pulley

New Oil Filter (Extra One Included w/ Sale)

New Ireland Engineering Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

New Ireland Engineering Urethane Motor Mount Set





New Ireland Engineering Silicone Hose Kit in Black w/ Water Bypass Pipe Includes SS Hose Clamps

New Water Pump

New Ireland Engineering Sidedraft Water Divider

New 71 Degree Thermostat

New Coolant Temperature Switch

New Fan Switch for Electric Fan




New Ireland Engineering 228mm Aluminum Flywheel

New Meyle Clutch Disc and Sachs HD Pressure Plate

New Sachs Throw-Out Bearing (Tell me 4 or 5 Speed)

New ARP Flywheel Bolts

New Clutch Alignment Tool




New Ireland Engineering Tii Mechanical Advance Distributor but with a New Petronix Ignitor Installed

New Bosch Cap and Rotor

New Spark Plugs

New Ireland Engineering 55 amp Racing Alternator Kit

New Alternator Belt

New S14 Starter

New Ireland Engineering 8mm Performance Spark Plug Wires in Black




New Heat Shield Exhaust Gasket

New Ireland Engineering SS Street/Track Long Tube Headers




Stock Intake Manifold that has been Bored for 38/38 and Also Gasket Ported

New Ireland Engineering Smog Block-Off Plate

New Weber 38/38 DGES Electric Choke (has been jetted but you may need to fine tune, I can supply jets once you know what you need)

New Ireland Engineering Weber 38/38 Throttle Rod

New Weber Stock Air Filter Adapter

New Air Filter


All Seals/Gaskets are New. All the other parts should be considered refurbished or "As New" (ie. Some of the misc. hardware, Cylinder Head Sprinkler, Motor Mount Brackets, etc.) As you can see a lot of it has been blasted then yellow zinc plated or powdercoated. I tried to use new stuff wherever possible and practical, if I had to use a used part I made sure it was in tip-top shape.


NO, I will not part out or remove parts for a reduced price. It's the whole package or nuthin'.


Also note: I have not as of yet finished the stock air cleaner adaptation, Need to plug up some holes and get it powdercoated. Also IE is back-ordered on a couple of their black silicone hoses I am including, so I will supply them once the shipment arrives.


Also included in this sale and reasoning for some of the price is 3 other matching VIN's and Bill of Sale. There are back fees on the VIN though I cannot recall how much, I do know it was considerable. If there are any other parts you wish to purchase we can also work that into the deal (ie. Aluminum Radiator, Electric Fan, Bosch Blue Coil, etc.). I will entertain reasonable offers. 


Please if you are serious or if you feel there is information missing ask questions. I'm pretty sure I got everything in this list but will update if something come to mind. If you are serious about buying and want to come see the motor please use DM or email me at [email protected] I'm very busy so phone calls don't really work real good for me. The motor is sitting here at the IE shop in 91010, but I could also bring it down to my house in 92835.




































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On 5/20/2019 at 9:37 PM, AceAndrew said:



I've posted this a couple times, but here's a general range.  These are STREET-specific build numbers.  Race gas, race cams, race compression, race parts (dry sump), are not factored in.  I've also left out Turbo's, as that's also highly variable.  Still waiting on enough reliable data for stroker M10 engines, most builders are tight-lipped.


>100whp Typical stock US-spec M10

110-120whp M10 with 284 cam and 38/38

110-120whp M10 with kfish

115-140whp M10 Stg. 1 Street Hot Rod M10 (9.5:1 comp., 292 cam, stock 135mm rods) (38/38)

130-145whp M10 Stg.1 Street Hot Rod M10 (as above internals) (w/ ITB's [efi])

130-150whp M10 Stg. 2 Street Hot Rod M10 (10:1 comp., 300ish cam, 144mm rods) (same intake options as listed for the Stg.1) (generally, this is a teensy bit more than what 91octane CA gas can handle).


57 minutes ago, iinca said:

I'm guessing 145...150 at the crank


7 hours ago, djminkin said:

What is the estimated power it will make?  

Yes you are correct

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