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Aftermarket options for clock

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Has anyone replaced their clock with an aftermarket piece? My clock no longer works - Yes I have taken it apart and it would appear the resistor is still soldered in place between the two contacts. Also did a continuity test, but I"m not sure what I should be seeing as far as Ohms go.  Anyway I can't seem to find any short. And it does work mechanically as I can 'wind it up' by hand and hear it tick. 




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If you're referring to a clock in your car, there are several places that can repair it.  One place mentioned here - http://www.clockwks.com/The_Clock_Worx.html


I'm sure you looked at previous posts re: DIY repair.  Here are two I bookmarked:



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And any good instrument shop, e.g., North Hollywood Speedometer, could replace the original movement with a modern movement, leaving the appearance absolutely identical to the original — although not the occasional noises emanating from the classic ti/tii clock.






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