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WTB: Ground Control Coilovers

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On 7/20/2019 at 12:33 AM, m-tuner said:

save your money and build them , or i will build them, they use koni parts, if you are racing there are much better parts Bruce Mtuner


Yes they use koni adjustables but they have their own custom valves fitted. Also comes with adjustable castors. What other setups are available? I'm interested. Thanks

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I had their shock set up for a s14/2002 build , the only thing they use of a tii strut is the spindle, the shock body is not 2002, the rear is also not 2002,   the camber and castor is adjustable which all racing top plates are, I am a bilstein  guy  what kind of money are you willing to spend

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LOL...i am NOT a bilstein guy.   just not that impressed, except for my truck...  the billy sports for e36 m3 were just crap.  heck, even one of the front dampers for my truck exploded after only 10k miles.


Koni's rock, and GC's various levels of implementation are great for intended use.  I have had 5 complete GC suspension setups on my cars ranging from street/track(e36) to custom(2002/M2) to full race (e30/e36).  (not the "weld it yourself stuff")  each has been really high quality and had outstanding performance for the designed purpose.  plus the team at GC is outstanding and they have done some great custom work for me.  customer service is top notch.


the "engine mjsic" videos i have posted recently were from my M2 with full custom GC system with DA Koni's up front.  i could not be happier with that cars track manners at full tilt.


OP - just buy a NEW setup.  you won't be sorry.

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