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Seth Horwitz

Swapped M20 vs Stock M10 Output Shaft / M20 Role Call

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As anyone who’s seen my asinine seeming questions, there is a rhyme and reason behind them. (I’m not crazy, well at least not here. See below.) I actually have a multipart question, as all of the variables are important. 


When swapping to an M20, which (specific) engine mounts did you use, did you do any cutting of the front sheet metal, how far did that move the output shaft from the engine backward toward the firewall, which tranny did you then use, and how much/where did you have to hammer the tranny tunnel? I’m planning on a custom driveshaft, and whatnot, behind there, so it’s not too important to me. 


Thank you, much. 







Why I ask:

”Why didn’t you just search, stupid?” I have. A lot. For months. Well, a search doesn’t give me what I need. I need to put an automatic transmission back into my 2002, which means I’ll need a ZF3HP22 or ZF4HP22, for various reasons. I don’t know of anyone who’s ever done that. I can, hopefully, find a way to get someone to compare the dimensions of a G240 or G245 5-Speed (or a 4-Speed if anyone went that route) to either slushbox, to get an idea of how much massaging will be needed based on which mounts, or if it’s not even possible. I can take a long drive to a parts dismantler, if necessary. (That will be considerably cheaper than going in blind, after buying parts, for a mock-up on the car.) Different mounts, from different vendors, seem to lead to different positioning of the engine, and I’m just looking for the sweetest spot. 



“Why would you put in an Automatic? That’s dumb.” I agree, but ask one of the two surgeons that screwed up a “simple” surgery in 2001. The award winning surgeon is now dead (May he Rest In Peace, as I’ve moved on), and his lackey resident who did the surgery is now doing much less complex surgery at a garbage hospital, so I think the answer can be assumed as “umm, whoops.”

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