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Sold Make me an offer! 1976 Granatrot 2002

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Price: $1
Location: Silver Springs, NV


Make me an offer!


THIS IS A PROJECT CAR and does not currently run.  It must be trailered by the buyer.

This car is special, to me at least, for 3 reasons.  1.  It’s Granatrot, an uncommon ’02 color and my favorite of the “jewel colors”.  2. The serial number, 2370020 makes it the 20th car built for the 1976 model year (dorky, yes, but I think that’s pretty cool).  3. The body is in very good shape with no major dents or significant rust issues.

I’d like to see this car off to a good home, hopefully to be restored, and am happy to offer clarification or transparency to any interested buyers.

I have many other pictures of the car.  If there is genuine interest from a buyer, we will arrange a phone con, via contact through my personal e-mail first:  [email protected].   I will try to check forum messages but honestly I'm kinda bad at that, so my personal e-mail is the most surefire way to get in touch.  Again, I will do my best to offer transparency to the potential buyer as I understand it is a commitment to arrange trailer transportation.

HISTORY:  I bought the car in January 2015 and there is a clean Nevada title in my name.  After over two years of gently hounding the previous owner in Carson City, he finally sold it to me.  To my knowledge he was the original owner.  I noticed the car sitting in his yard when I drove by his house one day.  The car was not running when I bought it, and has not been started since.  The previous owner reported electrical/ignition problems.  He got frustrated with it, ran low on desire and money to fix it, and the car sat idle for nearly a decade before I bought it.  The engine turned at the crank when I got it home, and appears to have no binding/issues/odd noises on either the top or bottom end.  The car has been outside, but in the dry Nevada climate.  It is now in an enclosed storage unit in Silver Springs, NV.  There is some significant rust on the “air dam” part of the nose cone, some rust on the right rear wheel well.    Obviously, the paint is in terrible shape, and there is surface rust on the body and some in the spare tire well.  There is no rust anywhere else on the car.  It came with factory air.   It is a non-sunroof car.  The interior is pretty well stripped (it was not salvageable), but it comes with the original AC center console parts (I removed and cleaned them for storage) and an instrument cluster. It has not been molested or modified.  Original engine with matching serial # matching the VIN.

Additionally, I was collecting parts to do the restoration. If I have a committed buyer within the next week or so, I will give them first right of refusal on these parts at better than market price before I start listing them separately on the forum.  A small note:  I will be keeping the Weber Al adapter pictured on the carb...sorry ;)

NOTE: My profile indicates that I now reside in France, but I am currently staying in the Sacramento area to work through the liquidation of my 2002 cars and parts.

My sincere appreciation for your interest!





















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Thanks to Steve for helping me edit the pictures down to only the relevant ones.  


So, not that this car has anything but awesome potential, but I really do need it gone.  I'm reducing the price to $900.  I'll have it posted on the FAQ exclusively until July 1, and then it will go on Craigslist.  I'm sure it won't last long at that price on that venue.  But I'd rather see it go to "friends" rather than someone else...  If you've been thinking about it, now's the time to pull the trigger.

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