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Sold WTB: Mintgrun or Turf

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On 7/16/2019 at 7:04 AM, gregp553 said:

iinca and Steve, I hear ya. I'm onto a possible Mintgrun deal that has a 50-50 chance right now. But, I don't like the odds. So I read you loud and clear and I agree with what you're saying. One month is not a long search but I'm getting restless, too. Had a great offer on a tii but it's a little rich for my budget. I'm hoping something can turn up in the next few weeks. Then the color range could expand. Cinnabraun?! Hey, my first 2002 was this brown beauty. Before and after my DIY resto. Having owned Sienabraun, that's kinda why I want Mintgrun. Ha!

brown old.jpeg

brown 3:4 front.jpeg


1975: loved Sienabraun

1985: hated Sienabraun

2019: loved Sienabraun


You’ve just got to ask me in the right decade! 😉


Tastes change! 😋








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To be honest all the colors look good these days of 2002 resurgence.. 




Sadly I'm still traumatized by anything resembling Root Beer..


Circa 98'. my root beer tii. Hated it then too but 8k for a decent tii... I wasn't gonna nit pick over color


2nd pic: Late model snow load test same year



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Let's make it more interesting. If you're sitting there with a Mintgrun (or maybe a tii or roundie of some other color) in the garage, and you need a little more of a push to sell, try this. My weekend car is this 2012 335i with 33k miles. Pampered and in extremely good condition. M Sport Package and loaded with everything except backup camera. I will throw this car in as a downpayment, plus cash, to make a deal. Everybody gets a car! Summer is moving quickly.



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I agreed to a purchase that should take place in a week and a half. Thanks for all the input and help. Not Mintgrun but is gonna be a great car. My 335i is still for sale. I'll share pictures when I get it parked in my garage.

Thanks again!

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