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Any negatives for alternator in E21 low bracket?

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I've got the E21 low bracket for the alternator and figure it'll give me more room up top for EFI conversion. (long term turbo goals.

Are there any negatives to running it in the low location? 

I also have the larger E30 318i alternator and 65amp regulator. From what I see that's plug and play as well. 
I have an electric fan going in as well.

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the only downside may be the pulley groove may not line up with a 2002 water pump and crank pully groove.  Unless, of course you change those parts also.  It's been awhile, so I could be completely incorrect.  Something to double check anyway.




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Anyone else know if I should grab the pulleys off the e21? I think it can most likely be shimmed, but I'll also need to check the timing cover for any changes. Just trying to see if anyone can verify if its plug and play or any little bits I'll need to find.
Won't be in town next week to check but want to get on it right away

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The crankshaft pulley sticks out there a bunch more.  Water pump pulley is much deeper, but I don't know what else may be on the pump shaft.  I have both pulleys laying here that I looked at, but engine is long gone so nothing to look at on the pump.

I found the water pump in the scrap bin.  The hub has a different nub and the center and bolt holes are also different from the 2002 pump but the pulley groove seems to be as close to the pump as the 2002.  So the alternator bracket may be ok.

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