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Hi, is the rear panel (the portion that holds the tail lights) in good condition? I just had someone hit me last week while I was parked. I've attached some photos for reference. I'm just looking to see if it'd be worth cutting out and replacing the panel. Thanks! 392278fa7f76ee9a15729a922b77c7a0.jpg865ba831a35bc58e5f9f683611063042.jpg5e9063bee2cde45b04227ff3f6f79f74.jpgc2320ac13763e5ff68aa0fa7907f385f.jpg

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Ok, I've got the request list started.  After I get home, I will reply as soon as I can as to parts availability and prices.


Unfortunately for those looking for a 2-pc dash, this one is in not in very good shape.( I can provide pictures if wanted, PM me)

I do have complete interior, taillights, dash knobs, body sheet metal, mirrors, wiring harness, window latches...


I have those items on the PM'd request list and will respond to those who have asked about them according to date/time received request.




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Wanted to update the list:

I will keep the request list I have and continue to send pictures and prices to those who have sent me messages. 


I have the ability to powder coat parts and do so regularly to increase my skills.

Ask if available.



Trunk lid


Sunroof panel

Quarter panels


Belt trim w/drip rail

Headlight buckets

Turn signals 

Windshield wiper arm

Wiper motors

Steel wheels


Hood bar

Driver mirror

Door handles/trunk lock/ignition with key


Engine blocks (2)

Transmissions (2)


Front sub-frame

Rear sub-frame


Gas tank

Heater box

Brake booster

Exhaust manifold

Intake manifold 

Radiators (2)

Wiring harness 

Dash controls/knobs

Steering box

Steering column

Front seats (Black)

Rear Seat (Black)

Rear door cards w/ashtray (Black)

Front door cards (Black) speaker holes

Driver armrest

Passenger armrest


Rear window latches

Rearview mirror 

Dome light

Door knobs

Vent window knobs

Steering wheel

Seat belts

Seat rails


Driver door glass

Passenger door glass

Rear windscreen 

Quarter glass


Used sport bilstiens

New urethane bushings (ft/rr)

Complete front struts (non Tii)

Tii hubs

Tii brake calipers (need rebuilding)

Powder coated 230mm rear backing plates 

Powder coated Transmission mount bar

Powder coated starter support bracket

Powder coated alternator bracket





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Update: SOLD

wiring harness 

rear window latches 

upper rear seat belt attach bolt 



Many parts left. 


Had and to go in for surgery yesterday so I’ll be out for few days, should be back in the garage by next weekend. 


Let me me know what you need. 




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