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Vancouver Spanish Banks Cars & Coffee June 8th

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Some pics from the Spanish Banks Car & Coffee.  The white mini was done by the guy I get to do my fabrication work.  Really really skilled ,and better yet,  super humble.  The engine subframe was done by mini tec, the rest is Adam. 


The first one.. .. well all I can say that my car is good from 10 feet,  @joysterm's ride is fantastic at 10 inches. 


BTW what is the "60" on the back of the Porche for? I haven't seen that before. 






















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Great pics Mike. Never got a chance to check the mini out, looks pretty kool.  Just happens the white 356 and the 190 belong to a couple of high school buddies that I reconnected with  after some 40 years......small world


The 60 represent the horsepower rating for the T-6 356 B's .  I do believe there were 4 engines available  from  60 75- Super 90 to  the Carrera 130

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The 190 has long been my desktop car,  and the 356.. well it is a 356 what more needs to be said. 



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The paint on this 356 is gorgeous (hopefully there is a quoted picture of a blue 356 just above). That blue is absolutely stunning.

Judging by all the pictures of those amazing cars that must have been quite an event. I haven’t seen some of these models in a long, long time. Thanks for sharing@Dudeland !!!

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