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Vacuum Advance/Retard Question on 1975 2002

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Hi Everyone,


I have a 1975 2002 that has the vacuum advance/retard distributor.  I put the Pertronix in it, and just rebuilt/re-jetted the carb (jets were from TEP).  It is running much better overall, but I cannot get rid of some of the pinging at part throttle (2500 - 4000 RPM).  My timing light broke, so I am doing it by ear, which I understand is not the best method, but I am curious as to how I should have the vacuum lines connected, maybe that is the source of my problems.  Right now, I have the vacuum advance line connected to the base of my 32/36 (there are two ports side-by-side, I cannot remember which one I have it on).  The vacuum retard is capped.  I have it de-smogged.


I have been retarding the timing (turning distributor clockwise) and it has drastically helped the pining, but now I am losing top-end performance (it has a hard time going past 5500 RPM, probably because there is not enough advance up there).


Any thoughts on how I should have the lines connected?  Or any other tips on getting this set up?


Thank you,




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I own a 75 and after reading a bunch of stuff about the de-smogging, I just decided to go to a 123 dizzy.  I would try to make sure that the shaft doesn't move up and down, as that will cause too much advance.  It is quite likely that the dizzy needs to get refreshed, but without a timing light, you may be hooped.  


You can map your timing curve with a innova timing light.  A lot of people recommend these,  I have one, but unfortunately once I put my MSD in there, the timing light no longer works correctly. 


The "digital" seem to be the one everybody likes.   Not sure the pro gets you much. 







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