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Turbo front valence stripe

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Was this a single decal piece or two parts, who stocks OEM version ?

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Last time I checked they only sold the entire stripe kit as a complete unit.  There was a problem with them showing up with the colors not matching (different ages and dye lots)  This may have changed but I got a complete kit 12-13 years ago that was ordered as individual part numbers and there was some serious color differences when I finally went to use them 3-4 years later.  By that time the only way I could get a stripe kit was to order a complete set, 1 part number. 


The front stripe is 2 pieces like Tom said,  and it does not come with the reverse script 2002 TURBO

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Since I heretofore have driven my car a lot, the front stripe became all rock chipped, so i had the colors matched then painted the graphic on.

Sure, it won't hold up to close scrutiny, but was a good thing to do at the time 30 years ago.


I bought a full set of stripes at the same time so have those "in reserve", though I don't know about the longevity of the adhesive.


What i would do now is apply the applique then spray a coating of Armor Coat:




I have used this product on my other cars' front bumper cover for over a decade and it has held up without yellowing, and if you didn't know it was on, you wouldn't know it was on from 5 feet.


Something to consider if you intend to drive your car a lot in real world situations.

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