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Coilovers, brakes, misc.

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Price: $1
Location: Oakland, ca


Front and rear coilover setup, not sure what brand these are, they don't look like Ireland conversions—possibly Top End? Eibach springs, Bilstein sport shocks and struts. 


Front big brake setup, vented rotors, hubs, and I think volvo calipers. - $500


Strut brace w/ both mounts - $100


glove box without dash panel - $10


silver dollar cluster - $100


Heater box - $200


Distributor - $80


crosshair headlamps - $50













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Ideally would sell the front/rear together, but open to separating depending on interest. Need a little help from the community identifying and valuing these coilovers, they came off a car I bought, just trying to get a fair price for them.

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I know that suspension.  It is one of the very first complete stg.3 IE kits.  The first Stg.3 kits featured machined tubes, and that set in particular was the only one where we (when I was still at IE) zinc plated the assembly.  You may want to see if the trailing arms (from the car which you pulled this hardware from) were augmented to run the rear sleeves.  It is likely, and you may want to include them with the setup (or at least offer to trade).


I don't remember the exact specifics, but if you email IE the name of the previous owner, they should be able to pull up the original invoice and specs.  Would have been 2014-2016 ish.

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general questions on front suspension:

a) are they Tii struts or non-tii?

b) do we know what the spring rate for the coilovers?

c) how do we know if the strut is solid (no cracks, etc. etc...) do people magnaflux these things?  if i'm doing track days its something i'd like to know...

d) these don't appear to have camber / caster plates associated w/ them.  they bolt into stock location? 

e) status of shocks - have you driven on the shocks?  


i've got a 1969 1600, and per AceAndrew would be willing to figure out what works for you.  my car is on its way to being a mostly dedicated track car.


whew.  lots of questions.  thanks,


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best answers I have:


a) So as you saw these are believed to be the early Stage 3 coilovers from Ireland (http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/item/02racecoilovr.html), so I don't think they are Tii or non-tii, but I'm not an expert these. I pulled these off to swap for Tii struts and an overall more stock suspension setup. The rear suspension perches needs to be welded into place is my understanding.


b) I'm waiting to hear back from Ireland, hoping they can dig up the invoice, which should have the spring rate and any other possible info.


c) There about 2000 total miles total on the entire setup. I bought the car they came off of a couple years ago, which had just been restored and setup for track and only been driven ~500 miles, I put another 1500 miles on the car. I'm not a track guy, but the car handled incredibly well and the suspension was very stiff. 


d) they do come with fixed castor adjustable camber plates which I have.


e) As told to me by the previous owner the entire suspension set was basically new when I bought the car, Bilstein sports all around I believe. 


f) happy to provide any more photos or specifics if you let me know what you'd like to see.


Just want these to goto someone who appreciates and for a fair price.









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