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Bill Meyer

76 BMW 2002, SOLD

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That car IS gorgeous, Bill.  It seems worth every penny of $33k.  


I know where you're coming from with the "it's too nice" bit.  The fun of having an 02 is driving it (preferably in the company of other 02s).  If this car were mine I'd be worried about it, constantly.  It is just soooo nice!  


Denker's car is nice, too.  It's one of my fave 02s.  


Good luck, Bill.  I wish I need an 02!



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I refuse to look at it...more that a few peeks at a time ?.


I think this is such an understated beauty.  


I am not sure why people offer advice (negative) when it is not requested...Good

luck with the sale.

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On her way to a new home in TX.


This is the 4th 2002 I've bought in the last 18 months.  Looking for the right car.  I think I found it.  Best driving 43 year old car I've ever been in.


Now I need to decide what to do with my Chamonix '76 model.



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To go further on pricing, I have looked at at least 10 cars, 4 in person and 6 in detailed photos.  I bought 3 of those cars.  The 74 and 76 models were in the $14k range and were very good starting points for a restoration, both very good drivers and rust free.  The '74 Tii was bought for $22,500.  In my opinion it was also a good starting point for a restoration.  It was a nice enough car and a good driver.  The 2 previous owners had done some things I would have had to un-do and the car needed a total paint job.  I guess  my point is you can buy good driver quality square tail light cars in the $14k to $24k range all day long.  If you send the cracked dash to Just Dashes, buy and recondition Recaros, have a quality over all paint job done you are probably pushing $35k invested.  Bill did a great job in representing this car.  I drove from Fort Worth to KC with a trailer and a cashier's check.  I would have gone home empty handed if it had not been as nice as described.


The value of a car is always established by what one is wiling to pay.  I wanted a really nice 02.  I would have ended up building one but I'm not sure I could have built one as nice as what I just bought.

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