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New Door Gaskets (anyone else have problems with them?)

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

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I installed the new door gaskets in Hugo today, and it went pretty well, but I don't remember the top portion being such a bear to get into the stainless groove along the roofline...wonder if these new ones are "fatter" than the older ones...or maybe it's just me...plus, the doors won't close, but I most likely need to do some tweeking because the doors were removed for the paint job...they line up nicely, but sure don't appear to work with the gaskets installed!

One trick is to make sure the "fat" portion of the gasket along the A-Pillar clears the corner of the door sheet metal, so closing will be easier....I noticed this by looking at my '73tii (and that door gasket went in much easier back in '97 as I recall).

Makes me wonder.......

BTW, I used Wurth rubber glue wher I needed to glue the gaskets to the door jams...worked very well.


'72tii "Hugo" (ready for carpet)

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Guest Anonymous

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as usual the new MT reproduction parts pale in comparison to the quality of the originals.

I believe they truly are "fatter". I have had the same problem for over 2 years now. My doors without the gaskets are lined up perfectly fine but with the gaskets I've had to slam them a bit for 2 years now (granted I only drive it once in a while so it's really only had a few months of use).

I moved my striker a bit last year to compensate a bit for it but they are still tough to close. Frankly it bothers me to have to slam my doors a little but not much else I can do unless I find some old rubber. I figured in time it would eventually "condition" itself and flatten down some. Time will tell.

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Guest Anonymous

putting them in was a "shove and grunt" type of job but they do go in and small adjustments with nylon pry tools do help... I seem to recall that the rear quarter window seals were a bit more difficult though. Years ago I put in a set of used but very nice door rubbers in and they were far easier to install and did not mess with the alignment of my doors.

My new door seals sort of fit, keep the car dry, and keep the wind noise down. They do have their faults though.

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