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Dreaded Emissions crap in PA

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous


URL: http://im4bmw.freewebspace.com/index.html

Well, I just found out that my '76 daily driver needs to have the emissions crap on it (even though it doesn't have to actually WORK!!!) "prior" to me getting the 5,000 mile exemption (annually)...I misunderstood the regulations...thought as long as I kept it under 5k miles I could get an exemption.

Once I get it through inspection the first time, it doesn't matter whether or not the emissions equipment is on the car or not as long as I don't go over 5,000 miles annually....who was the friggin IDIOT that came up with this stuff anyway!!! Is that dumb or what?

Anyway, I either have to beg, borrow or buy all the emissions stuff or register the '76 as a classic quickly (which I do not want to do)....as June is the month I need to have it inspected.

It runs so sweet with the 32/36 Weber and I hate the thought of putting a smog pump on the engine...even just for looks!...Remember, the smog equipment does NOT get tested...no tailpipe test...visual inspection only!

Any suggestions??????

I plan to call PA DOT tomorrow (based on the phone number given to me by my Independent BMW Mechanic) to complain that the smog equipment for my car is NLA....and I drive the car for work transportation...what am I going to do? Quit working???

Crap, these new regs suck canal water BIG TIME! :-)

Anyone in PA know of a better solution?

Thanks for letting me vent,


'72tii "Hugo" (exempt when I get him on the road!)

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Guest Anonymous

most of these emissions states have a cap on the $$$ amount you can spend before they let you off - I think it is around 300-400 or so - perhaps you can spend that much toward "getting the smog equipment" and cry uncle afterward?

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Guest Anonymous

If the smog pump doesn't have to work, then it doesn't need a belt does it? Yes, it's a little extra weight, but otherwise no bother.

I went thru Delaware inspection with the smog pump hooked up and working. They never even looked. Took it home and just cut the belt.

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