Rebuilt Getrag Custom Ratio 265/5 Gearbox

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Price: $1
Location: UK


Range of custom ratio 265/5 gearboxes available. These units have recently undergone a fresh and complete rebuild with the addition of a Getrag Motorsport custom ratio gear set, similar to the ratios used in the Group A / DTM 5-speed H pattern gearboxes.

All worn parts replaced, including new bearings/synchros/seals/gaskets etc. These gearboxes haven't been used since the rebuild. Gearbox casings have been bead blasted to its original factory finish. Bell housings are also avalaible separately if required. Custom ratios are:

1st: 2.85
2nd: 1.90
3rd: 1.42
4th: 1.14
5th: 1.00

Standard 265/5 gear ratios for comparison:

1st: 3.717
2nd: 2.403
3rd: 1.766
4th: 1.263
5th: 1.000


UK collection and worldwide shipping available upon request. Price is £5750 each. PM me if you have any questions.





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Was the passenger side mounting tab broken off and welded back on?  Looks a little misaligned though I'm sure it will work fine the question is how long as a weld in cast material won't be very strong without a heavy bevel ground into both parts.

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I’ve fitted and used this gearbox casing with the welded tab for about 5 years before the gearset was replaced with a Getrag Motorsport item during its rebuild last year. The gearbox fitted without any issues to the car and it’s a common issue with the tabs snapping. 

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