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New gauge instead of clock

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Has anyone replaced their probably non working clock with a guage or multi gauge? I would like to see oil pressure, oil temp and charging. All in one gauge if possible. 


Perhaps there is some experience here from other 2002’s? 


Thank you. 



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My clock works and I like it there.


I have a MECHANICAL Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, and an additional vacuum / boost gauge in VDO gauges with additional AFM and Knock bar graphs on a separate display all in the console above the radio. Thinking of replacing the Vacuum / Boost with a round combined AFM / Knock unit from J&S


I look at the oil pressure the most.

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The oil Temp is on the Left, the oil pressure gauge is in the center, the analog dials sweep 270 Deg.as opposed to IIRC 90 Deg. for the electric. Vacuum / Boost gauge on Right.


Due to the angle of the console, I used to get glare on the gauge glass, so I happen to have the (period correct) rubber "eyebrows" that shield them from the sun.


I do like to see the vacuum and learn where it turns to the surge area then boost. BTW, I can run 80-90 MPH  under vacuum, before surge, on the highway.......My gauge shows I get 9Lb. of boost, but don't know how accurate that is.


All above the Kenwood AM/FM Casette with an amazing 25W of power per channel!




this is what I want to replace my current display, which goes below the stereo, as mine is from the '80s.:




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