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HELP ME!!! Quick feeler for a 2002 novice... (LONG)

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Hey Guys/Gals,

I am an e30 guy, but recently came across a 2002 that I believe is a good buy. So I want to get some opinions. I will include his email, which basically sums everything up! I want some help on what to offer and what to look at when I do. Anything you can add is great! Thanks!



1971 BMW 2002

The Owner

I'm graduating from grad school and spending the summer in China before

moving back to Colorado in September. I'll be making the move back west

with my girlfriend and the two of us will be consolidating to one car.

We'll be taking the more practical and less fun of the two cars with us

(hers), and selling the less practical but infinitely more fun one


I haven't had the time while in grad school to give the car the

attention it deserves and I won't be able to in the foreseeable future,

either. The harsher climate of Boston is accelerating the degradation

of the paint and it should be garaged if possible.

So the decision to sell it is a function of a major move combined with

the realization that it's time for a new owner who can better provide

for its well being.

The Car

A 1971 BMW 2002 with 185,000 miles. The car is older than I am and may

outlive me yet. It is reliable, solid, efficient

Four-speed. Stick.

A rebuilt engine from a 1974 was installed in the year 2002 and has

15,000 miles. Runs strong.

Approximately 18 miles per gallon. I've always used the mid-level octane

gas instead of regular.

The 1971 was the last year of the round tail lights and full chrome

trim. All of the trim is in place and in good condition.

The car has been in the west for most of its life and has no body or

structural rust. There is surface rust beginning to form where the

paint is bubbling and chipping off. The current color is red and the

original color was beige. The all-important shock towers are rust-free.

The inside and outside has been rebuilt and upgraded several times over

the years by the four different owners and the condition is much higher

than I've typically seen, certainly for a daily driver. The door panels

and rear seats are brown while the front seatcovers and carpet are grey.

The car is in solid mechanical shape and has always been maintained by

the best mechanics in town, be it Southern Cal, Oregon, Colorado or,

now, Mass. Mighty Motors in Somerville is the mechanic I've used for

the recent brake work and they're great. I had it in there in late May

2004 to let them know that I would be selling it and both Jim and Ben

commented positively with regards to how solid it is running right now.

The interior is upgraded but retains a classic look. A mahogany Nardi

steering wheel is complemented by a wooden console built from the same

wood used on the Portland Trailblazers homecourt at the Rose Garden

Arena in Portland, Oregon (a former employer). Flofit seats up front

are very comfortable (they're recarro knockoffs ) but dirty and have

sheepskin seatcovers. The header, seats, dash, door panels and carpets

are all in very good condition.


I've owned this car for nine years, and still fun every time I drive it.

It turns everyone's head, and a guy in a Ferrari gave me props a few

weeks ago on Comm. Ave.

It's been my commuter car in both Oregon and Colorado and was stored in

a garage during the winters. I moved with it to Massachusetts in 2003

to go to grad school and parked it on the street for the last year and a

half. I've driven it roundtrip from Oregon to Colorado twice (in 1995

and 2000) as well as from Colorado to Massachusetts (in 2003, with the

new engine).

The only accident involving the car came in 2000, when I went off the

road in black ice and dinged up the driver door and front quarter panel.

I have the records from that work.

The previous owners were all located in Southern California and did the

major upgrading and reconditioning of the car in the late eighties and

early nineties. All maintenance records are included. Receipts total

over $20,000 over a twenty+ year period.

I love this car, and if the day comes that you decide to sell it I'd

appreciate a call to see if I'm interested in taking it back.

Recent Work (in chronological order)

Front brake rotors and pads were replaced in August, 2003.

New battery in April, 2003.

The old engine seized up while in storage over the winter of 2001/02 and

the entire thing was replaced over two months in the summer. A 1974

engine that had been rebuilt with low mileage was removed from a 2002

owned by the mechanic and installed in this car. The record from the

work provides results from the compression test at the time of install:



VDO gauges (battery, clock and oil pressure).

15" Mim five-spoke silver rims.

Sway bars tighten up the handling.

Short-throw shifter kit for a tighter feel while running through the


BMW tool kit.

Sony tape deck/receiver with external Pioneer 3-way speakers in the

back. Sufficiently loud.

The Club. And even more effective, The Alarm, which is my blinking red

led connected to two AA batteries.

A real car alarm, an Ungo, that I disconnected in 1995 when I moved to

Colorado and never bothered hooking back up.

Full size spare.

Cloth car cover.

Extra door handles and knobs and replacement door trim that I picked up

from a junked 2002 a few years ago that are in nicer condition than the

ones in place.

Cool bmw 2002 keychain that BMW sent me in the year 2002.

To Do

The paint is going, and needs attention. This is the big thing with the

car at present. It was painted ten or eleven years ago and was very

nice but is beginning to chip in numerous places, and is rusting in a

few of those. This has come on since I moved it to MA and parked it

outside for two winters. The paint can be repaired and restored with

some elbow grease and kept going for a few more years, but a new paint

job is in the future. This is one of the most exciting projects in

terms of making the car look great but is not exactly the cheapest,


Windshield wiper is hooked to the wrong switch. I got a new wiper motor

last year on a roadtrip but they hooked it to the wrong lever and it

currently only works when held down. Can be switched back to the old

switch by you or a mechanic with relative ease for turn on/turn off


The suspension is creaky, as are the brakes on occasion.

Odometer has not worked since the new engine was installed in 2002 -

about fifteen thousand miles ago. Odo reads 170,675.

Speedometer reads seven miles fast. Problem originated in 2002 with the

new engine.

Horn is unreliable. Another easy fix.

Clock doesn't work (not connected?)

Window seals look worse than they work, but could use replacing at some

point. Ideally done as part of a repainting. The rear wing window

leaks in the really heavy rainstorms out here in MA.


$3,275 or best offer. Cash, please.

This figure was the original manufacturer's suggested retail price when

new in 1971.

I have priced the car at the low average range of what I've seen

recently on ebay with the expectation of a quick sale to accommodate my


The NADA guides list the following price range for a 1971 BMW 2002


Low retail: $3,575

Average retail: $4,475

High retail: $6,175


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Guest Anonymous

No pictures can make it tough. Sounds like a hodgepodge of stuff. Also 18 mpg seems low. I averaged high 20's to low 30's on a drive from CA to MN earlier this year. Do not do as well around town of course. Price might be OK, but not an original car and I would want to see it first. A lot for me is based upon a reaction to what I can see or feel.

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Guest Anonymous


What do you mean by "hodgepodge"?

I want to get some more info on the engine.

Do you think it is carb or fuel injected? And when did all the emissions stuff start coming into play?

Here is a pic from the ad. I will ask for more.

Thanks so far!

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Guest Anonymous

URL: http://www.lovingeveryminuteofit.com

And he is up front about everything it sounds like.

The 18 mpg is low, unless he has some dual 40s or 45s on there and it isn't tune good. Of course it could have a single barrel solex and still get that if it isn't tuned good.

Look it over, get more pics and post them. If it is someone from this board then you can almost be assured it is a good car.


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Guest Anonymous

URL: http://www.bimmers.com/02/

Not bad looking from this photo. What I meant by hodgepodge was just there is a lot of different stuff in the car.

Unless it is a tii, the car has a carb, not fuel inj.

There are links on this site to 02 shops and other pros with info on buying these cars. Rust is a huge concern with these.

There is a buyers guide at the following site:


Also go to the links on the BMW FAQ and start checking out sites, you will learn a bunch of info.

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Guest Anonymous

He is leaving next Thurs for China, and we are both very busy. The only time I see feasible to see it is Monday, and then need to purchase it on Tues!

I will try and get to it earlier, but do not know if it is possible.

My uncle is a 2002 guy so I need to talk to him yet, just thought I would get some "grounded" opionions, as sometimes he is a later crazier than we like to notice.

Thanks for the input guys!

I will keep all updated.

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Guest Anonymous

I have a slightly elevated knee condition that seems to keep driving my right foot to the floor.

I have got over 20 on the hiway though!



'76 2002 Weber 40DCOEs

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