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Who can help me with these issues? (NYC)

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Hi all,


Me and Liesel are slowing coming out of hibernation. I need to tackle a couple of things for the season and am, quite honestly, a bit anxious to tackle them by myself, due to lack of experience and fear of "improving for the worse" if I go at it by myself.


Who of you in NYC would be willing and able to spend a weekend day with me to tackle these:

  1. Timing and carb tune improvements to get car to start cold on its own and reliably without starter fluid.
    • I have a timing light (which I admit I never used), but no exhaust analysis equipment
    • Carb is a brand new Weber 32/36 (electric choke) from Pierce Manifolds, supposedly pre-tuned for a 2002
  2. Replacing leaky parts inside one of the rear drum brakes, do a complete flush (so I can upgrade from DOT 3/4 to DOT 5)
    • I don't have the knowledge or tools to safely disassemble and reassemble a drum break, or to power flush the circuit.


Got a private garage with power, floor jack, jack stands and basic tools.


Open to discussing different ways of making it up to you.


Went to a nearby shop the other day (M-Spec Performance), and they don't touch carbs and also charge $160/hr for labor... I'd feel stupid spending a fortune on something that could be trivial after all.


Help :)




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