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Turbo Decal’s

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Hello can anyone tell me if the turbo and 2002 lettering on front decal is over stickered from factory or printed within original decal from Factory ? Looking to incorporate the reverse Turbo and 2002 but want to ensure use correct version of decal. Thanks

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The parts books don't delineate between the two, showing the later without.


i don't know when BMW made the change but i think it was in the earliest production.


Most apply white lettering on top of the tricolor applique for the effect.


You might try asking at either the Club in England or Germany.

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Thanks yes unsure whether to just apply letter decals on top of stripe or to get decals made up that are printed as one.

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Here are the Motorsport color codes that I have if you need them. If you can have a new applique made with the correct colors and the CORRECT lettering please let me know.


Due to so many rock chips, I ended up painting the spoiler and kept the spare appliques for future originality.


I do not know if the attached lettering is truly correct. I traced them from another Turbo's applique. In looking at other cars, it seems the "2002" has had different fonts used by different people.


Glasurit/BASF Paint:

#113 - Red

#114 - Lt. Blue

#115 - Dk. Blue


Pantone (printing color codes):

Pantone Process Blue

Pantone 268

Pantone Warm Red



353 Red

5002 Lt. Blue

4000 Violet


For RGB display:

Blue:    0 138 201

Purple: 43 17 90

Red:     241 26 34




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