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2000 NK For sale

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Hi Guys its been a while since I've posted on this forum. I'm still an NK lover, but have been seriously busy with other projects. I still have my 1800NK, 2000TI NK, a US 2000 S14 NK, and a 2000 NK.

Well I have posted the 2000 NK for sale. I thought I would give you guys a heads up. It is a nice Car. I need the room in my shop. Here is the link to the ebay listing.


I'm selling it for a reasonable price. I hope someone who wants a nice vintage car at a reasonable price wilI pick it up. I have listed it with no reserve. It is a 2000NK I've owned for a good part of 8-9 years.

I have gone through this car and its a solid runner. just needs paint and a dash top refurb. BMW shows this car as a 1966 2000 NK that was painted Chamonix. Well this car was never Chamonix and its always had the tilux upgrades on it since Ive had it and the chassis was orignally Polaris neu. I purchased it that way. So either someone purchased a Chamonix 2000 and then converted it to a Polaris tilux or??? anyway I won't make false claims about anything so you be the judge. There are pics on the bay adana ill post a few here.











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13 hours ago, brbrian73 said:

I sure hope someone here picks up this car. It's a really honest example from a really honest guy. 



Couldn’t agree more!

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Rey - Did you already strike a deal with someone? eBay says that it is no longer available. If so, hopefully that person will show up here soon. 



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It’s a great NK and needs a nice new home.  Rey already got it into terrific mechanical shape.

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