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Geoff Raynak

Sold 1969 1602 NEVADA VIN#1569746

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Price: $10000
Location: Austin, TX

Offered here ... original color, numbers-matching 1969 1602 with a clean Oregon title. 
Extensive work-history/documentation.  According to my VIN inquiry with BMW ... here is the provenance of the car:
The BMW 1602 US VIN 1569746 was manufactured on June 26th, 1969 and delivered on July 01st, 1969 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Nevada, paint code 001.
Here is an as-honest-as-possible gallery of the car during my stewardship :  https://photos.app.goo.gl/YvY71KDRinAk7f7t5
It is not pure ... or perfect ... but it has never stranded me by the side of the road and it has never failed to start.
As you watch the videos ... know that the car came with an electric fuel pump... which is the ticking sound.  This is reversible... I did not address it because it was not my main priority ... so left as is.
Again, the gallery shows some phases of restoration during my last few months of stewardship.
The car looks great from 15 feet ... but likely deserves a glass-out paint + headliner/seals + three-piece dash to bring it back to a show-able car.
It will come with a brand new salt-and-pepper Esty carpet kit (not shown) and a set of transplanted period-correct black seats and door cards.
The restored chrome-trimmed tobacco (original?) uncut front/rear door cards are included (shown as a work-in-progress)
With a bushing upgrade kit and some minimal engine-bay work (hoses and belts) ... it could be a daily driver today.
the last 8-9 images show the car as it sits right now in Austin ...
the car has the basket weaves on it now ... with marginal tires
it comes with a set of OE/period rims/caps
both rim sets are in the sale ... but will for sure need new tires on either set of rims to be driven home.
Note that the car is currently in Austin TX with Moment Motors
I lived with Nevada in Bend Oregon ... and was planning to convert Nevada ... but was convinced to change plans ... that is the only reason I'm prepared to offer it here.
If there are ANY picts missing that you would like to see, Marc has immediate access to the car... and can get them to us any time you want to see something different that what I took
And finally ... Marc and I are 1000% open to having anyone in the Austin area give the car an honest once-over.  
We have all likely been up and down the same car-selling/buying road many times ... so I'm here trying to being as transparent as possible.
I am happy to chat through my entire stewardship of this car at any time ... please PM me here on the FAQ and we can continue the discussions.
















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that is my business partner's truck ... yes ... it is very very nice

here is another view: insta



one more note on Nevada ...

I have a full set of re-conditioned and brand new aardvarc E21/E24 front rear seats AND brand new door cards AND a correct brown esty carpet ... 

they were all originally slated for Nevada ... but i swapped all those interior parts across to the Verona car

the cars are only 3 months different on the production line ... so the black interior is structurally accurate for Nevada


but for a price ... the new brown interior (shown here) could indeed go with the car.





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Hi Matt.

Welcome to the forum!!!

Thanks for your interest in Nevada.

To answer your question about the interior:

All the saddle brown interior is matching materials from Aardvarc.

They are perfect and brand new.

  • Front E21s as shown below
  • Rear E24s as shown below
  • Door Cards as shown below
  • Esty carpet as shown below

You can see the color variation between the original brown and the aardvarc brown in the carpet/swatch picture

The original is more orange ... and that mismatch is what drove me to a full/new/matching set from Dave.


My total cost on the interior (cores + refurbishing + shipping) is well north of $4K.

And since my current plan is to utilize this brand new interior in Verona, I can't see myself losing too much (if any) on them.

So I think it's reasonable to add four to the value to an offer.


That said ... I'm open to discussing your expectations for Nevada ... 

Feel free to PM me to discuss more.














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Thanks Mario!


Yeah ... the whole interior (front and rear and panels) were re-covered by Dave at Aardvarc ... HIGHLY recommended


I would say that the whole car (including the interior) is 'pending' ...

a long time FAQ vet who is getting back into the scene.


Happy Friday...




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