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On 3/7/2019 at 7:28 PM, Harry Malkas said:

Hi. Would you buy a 74 Tii Inka Orange project? $12000. Located in  MA.


 Are you looking for move in condition or a fixer upper?  I cannot vouch for this car, but I can confirm Harry is a real person and easy  to deal with.  You can find him in the parts for sale forum.

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Yes have been talking to Harry and he's attempting to get more pics ... structural, etc.  Not his car, I think, but hardly matters - nice guy.  Not opposed to a fixer at the right price.  Well acquainted with rust and don't care for it but maybe the above car never becomes restored and is kept (safely) as is.  Perfect would get my attention as well  😎  Thanks for chiming in

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