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Any tips for installing rear qtr windows and door glass?

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Me & Hugo Posting.jpg

URL: http://im4bmw.freewebspace.com/index.html

Now that Hugo's front & rear glass is back in I plan on tackling the side glass this weekend. Any tips from those of you that have done this before? Especially regarding installing the qtr window trim pieces that have 4 rivets at the window opening at the qtr panel...

Words of wisdom always appreciated...helps avoid screw-ups, hopefully! :-)

Have a great Holiday!


'72tii "Hugo"

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Guest Anonymous

It was partially due to the fact that the rear quarters had been replaced

and there was just barely room to get the seal in. It was really tough

(talking about the part that is adjacent to the rear window.) I had one

wrinkle in the lip of the seal and it always leaked. I doubt you would

have made that mistake but just thought I would post just in case. The

next time I did it there were no problems.

The door glass on the other hand really takes some time to get aligned

correctly. Budget a bunch more time than you think to get it all lined

up as (for me at least) it took a lot of trail and error to get the various

adjustments exactly right.

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Guest Anonymous


URL: http://www.rccarcrafters.com/interior.htm

I'm SURE you have stainless rivets and new cotter pins! I used a dulled plastic knife to work the qtr gasket in around the upper part and under metal trim. Like the door gasket, start with corner of the window gasket in place. Don't drop the side window fumbling with those tiny screws!!

It'll be great!

John in VA

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