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I got my hands on this original parts list with exploded view of the Solex 40 PHH that was published by Deutsch Vergaser Gesellschaft MBH & CO KG. It’s dated April 6, 1967... only a few months before the first 1600tis were manufactured.


This helped me when I was rebuilding the original carbs from my car and I’m hoping it will help someone else out. Feel free to upload any additional info you have that might help our fellow FAQers (more specifically our fellow ti owners) out.









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Sure, no problem.  PHHs are pretty straightforward to rebuild, except for rebushing the throttle shafts, which is ususally the main problem with PHHs.  Bob's will also just rebush if you want to do the rest yourself.  Rebushing PHHs requires special tooling, so there are not many people out there set up to do it.


Mccusername had his PHHs rebuilt at Paltech in Ohio, so that's another option.  I believe they may have used oversize throttle shafts instead of rebushing for standard shafts, but I'm not sure.


Good luck.



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I did use Paltech, and I'm pretty sure they used oversized throttle shafts instead of rebushing. It was a year ago and I've aged 20 years since then, so I can't remember 100%. 

I was pleased with their service and I do remember their price was very good compared to others. They look great, however, I haven't put them on the car yet so...

my rebuilt Solexes.jpg

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