Amazon green 2002

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Price: $15000
Location: San Francisco


My freind Theo is selling a rust free 2002. I’ve seen and driven the car. It’s super dry. The rockers are solid, floor pans solid, trunk and wheel arches solid. I couldn’t find rust anywhere. It seems to have had one respray in the past. The engine is strong. It doesn’t have any blow by and seems to have been rebuilt recently. The new owner will be very happy with it. 

You can contact him directly +1 (408) 390-4157





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42 minutes ago, conkitchen said:

Are you posting it here for a critique?  We-the self anointed experts, can certainly inform you some. 


im sure it has flaws but its good honest car that doesn't even belong to me so I don't need to defend it. 

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