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2002 n00b here

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Just now, chargin said:


If you're doing it all think about deleting the reflectors and rear driving lights, I left mine and regret it 



You mean the additional side marker lights? Yeah, those are gone and won't be back. 

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Having just hopped back into this forum after 5 years I realize my setup has parts that are probably not in existence any more. Regardless I think they translate into suggestions being made here. My 2 cents:

Suspension: Stage 2 Dinan suspension. I realize this may be extinct! It has front wheel 2˚ decamber plates, Bilstein B8 front shocks, 3/4" lowered progressive coil springs, 21mm torsion bar in front, 19 in back. I'm guessing this is very similar to what others here have called a 'Stage1' set up. Correct me if that's not right! 

Lowering any more than 3/4" looks odd, IMO, especially with the tires being partially hidden by the wheel wells. Plus the wear on the tires will be totally weird.

Transmission: 5-speed is terrific, especially with a close ratio 5th. Didn't know about the differential and now have to look into that. 

Air dams: Meh... I appreciate how they work but it seems to put the proportions of the front out of whack, plus they're a lot easier to scrape up on things.

Wheels: Fell in love with the A30 bottle caps, never looked back. Generally a finer spoked wheel looks better on this car than a 5 or 4 spoked wheel even if they're harder to clean. I think a 15" wheel is too large without compromising turning radius and tire size.


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