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Trying to reassemble my 2002turbo  engine and failed to record details of how the dipstick routes and how the upper dipstick tube is attached... This is one of those situations where the parts book isn't much help.

It's different from Tii as the warmupunit is different...I don't see a natural place for it to fit...

Put simply: what does this part bolt to? Any pics??


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Near as I can remember, this uses a short length of hose with 2 clamps one of which goes to the stub on the block.


I don't recall the length nor how long the total length of the dipstick tube should be for the proper level of the oil.


That said, if you zoom in on the pictures, you can see that the dipstick tube goes to the right of the filter housing and the warm up regulator and bolts to it.


I guess then that will determine the length of the tube.




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Thank You, that last pic is perfect, i can see exactly the correct location. The bracket is 'folded back' instead of extended as i have it.

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