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Sold 76 BMW 2002 Restoration Project

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Price: $4000
Location: Houston, Texas


Well, I'm listing my little project for your consideration. My work schedule is changing soon, which will greatly reduce my tinkering time. I got the 02 last year and have done a great deal of work on it since, mainly to get it in running condition. My goal was to gradually restore it while driving it (pipe dream?).  I may continue at a slower pace if there is no interest in it.  It's running and the engine is strong and the 4 speed shifts normally. I have driven it around my street and it reaches  and maintains operating temperature without any issues.  There is a very small oil leak coming from the front edge of the oil pan gasket (no other leaks). 


Before reading on, please be aware that this is a project and it is in need of a full restoration.


Parts Replaced

Both front fenders (after-market new)

KYB struts and shocks

Front rotors

Clutch master cyclinder and reservoir

Engine (still have the original engine apart in the garage with bad crank shaft and the rebuilt head).

Converted to electrical fuel pump since no mechanical provision on the head.

2 barrel carburetor

New center grill (after market)-not installed

Bottle-cap wheels (not installed)

Both turn signals in normal original condition (not installed)

Drivers side floor pan

Small spot in the trunk between gas tank and fender welded with new sheet metal

There were surperficial scratches on the paint and I cleaned and sprayed with primer (spots in pictures) to keep corosion away until I get it painted.

Body Condition

Chasis has 97,000 miles I'm sure are original due to it's short life on the road caused by spun bearing

Engine and manual tranny(4 spd) strong and healthy

Other than the rust areas mentioned, the rest is solid

All weather stripping is dry rotted

Glass all good

The windows dont roll up-not sure if they stuck or regulator issue.

 There is some rust spots on the front edges of the hood and some surface rust in the back side on the edge. There is some rust under the doors. I believe both doors are very repairable (you can decide).

All interior needs to be restored, seats and carpet (fading).

Door vinyl, arm rests and rear seat vinyl good.

Center console vinyl usable but not great.

Thank you for your consideration.

Please PM me your email with any questions so that I can reply directly to your specific questions.

Thank you,



















bmw 2002 pic1.jpg

bmw 2002 pic2.jpg



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Hi BadTxn, I wish that I could hold it until the end of the month.  There is a possibility that it will still be available. You're welcome to send somebody to come check it out. :)



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Not the best choice of words on my part.  I did not mean to sound like I was asking you to hold it for me.  I guess I was a little excited as these cars are a little rare in Houston and one was finally for sale in my area.  Most of these cars seem to be on the East or West coast but I may have a friend who can stop by and take a look at it for me this weekend.  I will call him and let you know via PM.  Thanks!

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Yes sir, sounds good, thanks!

By the way, the pictures dont show the plastic on the door edges but I have since installed and they are in excellent condition. They were taken out to reveal bottom door metal.  The picture is also not showing the gas tank since it was taken some weeks ago when I took it out to replace it. I also have the plastic for the seat just not installed.  Just wanted to point that out.  I've been continually working on it and will likely continue at a bit slower rate:)



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