Stock muffler rehab

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I was able to have my brother weld on a broken front hanger, fill in a big rust hole and add a new tip. The new tip came compliments of Worzella, thank you.

I had to cut the new tip in half to make it fit. I cut off the existing tip and shortened the exhaust pipe by about 2”. The tip is angled down a bit, I like the look, I might have to fix that if it scrapes in the driveway. The exhaust is really quite now. I’m happy to get that done, time to cruise around. 2f4e4e251805f8291e87dd82ce838d0e.jpgb865f2dfbc23c196f24b9b66c781a079.jpgadb198de080fc76e88bf1930ba9331aa.jpg2b8bc6cf40b886d4b84f229eebadc55e.jpg585873bd2b36dc6f0e4f5ee92e947274.jpgd9b28b546bdb9878db883f9f2eddc398.jpg7bb96b96d780160545be0ba9782f1753.jpg/f2acc01cb02fdb0edefaa50a535fb2b2.jpg[/img]473cc5dc31c729a74376e9e5e04ce8aa.jpg



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