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OT: welp....all packed up, leaving for camp tomorrow...

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous


...or rather, in a few hours. Finally finished packing at about 3am. Thats all my stuff for a stay of a little over 2 months in the Appalachians...I'm tryin out the whole camp counselor thing. Should be quite interesting. I used to go to this very boys camp back in the day, so its fairly familiar territory. Only this time I get food, shelter, 7 delightful roommates (obnoxious boys hehe) and I get PAID! I shall definitely miss my 02 and this board to a great extent. Dunno if I'll have much email access. So if anyones feeling conversational... :-)

Steve Drewry

Falling Creek Camp

PO Box 98

Tuxedo, NC 28784

And I'll be darned if those campers get more mail than me ;-P

I shall return August 8th. Until then, Farewell!


And thanks for the advice Sam!

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Guest Anonymous


For the guy (or anyone) that was interested in the air flange tool performance, heres a pic of the result. Its hard to see in the pic, but I garantee it looks good. Thats 22 gauge sheet metal, and you can easily place another 22 gauge piece on that "shelf" and have it be flush with the rest of the surface. The hole-punch feature also works flawlessly. I got the tool for 51 shipped (www.froogle.com search for "air flange tool"). I'm pleased.

Oh and heres a pic of where the madness happens...at 4 am :-P


forget "wheres waldo"...try and spot the 02! All those boards are for the room we're adding in the attic in case you were wondering. Hopefully they'll be outta the way when I get back...


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