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Selling my stash - parts too big to ship

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Hi guys.


Most of you already know this, but I recently sold my 2002.  Now I need to clear space, and empty out all my spares.  Some of these are big/heavy, and people won't want to ship them.  


So - Texas 02-ers.   Here's your chance to get some big iron at small prices.  Plus - if you are in the Houston area - I'll deliver.  If you are in Austin, I'll meet you in Columbus or so.


Heavy stuff for sale:


2002 crankshaft - mileage unknown

M10 Engine block from an 84 318, but has all the correct bosses for a 2002

Flywheel for a 2002


Head from an 84 318.  I didn't take this head apart.  It came with the whole engine that I bought.  


5 BMW aluminum sport wheels, 1972 manufacturing date.  Some curb rash, but still solid wheels.  

Stock open differential from my 2002.  Has a 320 cover on it because needed the original.  Anyway - diff is in good shape, could use a cleaning and re-seal probably.  And a new cover plate.  I've been reminded the stock diff was 3.64, which is what I think this is. I'll dig through the crust to get a number if there is interest.


Completely rebuilt Italian casting Weber DCOE carbs.  Carbs were rebuilt by Jim Inglese a few years ago.  They are perfect.  Comes with Korman intake manifold and Pierce Manifolds linkage.


Finally - the nicest piece I have - 2002 E12 cylinder head (casting date 1983).  Will work on a 2002.  This head was machined by the late Mike Perkins of Bavarian Machine, a few months before he passed away.   It is perfect.  Mike made sure the head was true, and then line bored the cam journals.  Mike also installed all of the valves, and each valve opens the exact same distance.  The head has a Schrck 292 cam, titanium spring keepers, and rocker locks in stead of springs.  Also, when he milled the head, he milled the front timing chain cover to match.  


Pics on request.  For prices, make me an offer.  The only things I have pricing on are the DCOE's ($1500 for the whole setup) and the really nice head ($3000).  Otherwise, let's discuss.















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added more stuff and pictures

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I’ll foward this along to folks in the Austin area, Ken. 

Stinks that you had to sell the ‘73, I hope you’ll stick around the Off Topic section, anyways. 



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Thanks Ed.  I appreciate it.   I'll stay in Off Topic, unless Ray kicks me out.


I mean - I'm still a BMW guy - I still have the 78 R100/7 and the 74 R90/6

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