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Sold SOLD Nice 1-Piece Euro Dash. No Cracks. Not Perfect.

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Price: $650
Location: Thousand Oaks, CA


Cleaning out my garage...next up is a nice one piece Euro dash.  German plates for heater controls.  No printing for the lighting/wiper speed knobs and lighter.  European cars used knobs with symbols instead.  Much nicer, actually.


No cracks or surface damage anywhere, EXCEPT that someone drilled four small holes in the face of the dash to mount an unknown and better forgotten item...  I think the holes are small enough to be filled discretely but I haven't tried.  I took a close-up photo for this listing.


The dash has the German metal back plates for the heater controls.  Also has the air vents mounted on the back, but the plastic broke at the mounting points--probably in shipping to me.  Since it's not visible, I think you could do a repair to keep everything together, but that's up to you.  If you have vents, and you probably do, then just use those!


I originally planned to use this in my 1973 tii restoration, but decided to keep it simple and stick with my nicely covered dash, french stitching and all...so much for authenticity! 


I've posted a bunch of pictures, but let me know if I missed anything.


Price is $650 as is, where is, in Thousand Oaks, California.  If you need shipping, it will cost a premium because of the box size.  I will charge actual shipping cost.  It was packed poorly when I bought it, so I think I'd take it to a shipping store for a more professional job.  Also not cheap.














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10 minutes ago, jerryasi said:

Nice dash, will it work in a early 2 piece dash car? Glove box fascia? Steering column surrounds?

Yes, according to the parts book, the later one piece dash is backwards compatible with the earlier cars.  They kept obsoleting the old parts when they came out with the later designs.  But you might want to verify that on the Forum!


I don't have the glove box fascia or steering column surrounds.  Didn't need them at the time, and didn't come with this dash when I bought it.


It's really nice aside from those annoying little holes...



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Great score for Nbristow01.  I scored a crack free one piece Euro spec 02 dash at an automotive flea market in Ludwigshafen Germany in 2004 for 120 Euros.  I mailed it back and carefully cut a hole in the dash for the tii clock before installing it in my tii.  I love the look of the no fasten seat belt billboard on top of the dash.

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