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Help Needed! - Fuel/carb problem

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

ok, so this story starts out dumb but now in need of help!

Was doing a compression test on motor - instructions say to do the test with the throttle open to let the air flow - we'll I was doing this by flooring the accelerator - it occurred to me that this would also be shooting gas in the system but I wasnt too concerned - we'll now the car wont run - basically here are the symtoms:

-let car sit - start it up, it will run normally for a few seconds

-then the car will start to die, and only barely idle, accelerator pumps only worsen the situation, car stalls

-then start the car a few seconds later, an initial healthy rev, then dies.

-I let it sit overnight, it ran for about a 2-3 minutes, then same behavior

Here is my set-up:

Weber 32/36 with electric fuel pump in trunk and fuel regulator before carb set at 3psi

No ignition changes have been made from the time the car was running to now...and the healthy reving initially indicates good ignition to me

I have disconnected hose at carb and confirmed fuel delivery

I wish I would have used a screwdriver to keep the throttle open instead! Is something messed with the float level? Is there a way to re-set the carb?

Help - what should I do??? TIA, Aaron

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Guest Anonymous

I doubt that holding the throttle open just like you would when you drove it, would do anything wrong/bad to the carb or ignition etc...

slowly go back over EXACTLY every step you did and make sure you put everything back the way you found it etc maybe a vaccume leak or ?

good luck w/it man,

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Guest Anonymous

Will your motor run if you start it and hold the throttle open past the idle position? If so, could be something wrong with the idle circuit. For example, you may have dislodged some dirt and clogged things up. Also, does your carb have an idle cutoff solenoid (there would be a wire connected to the side of the carb near the top... don't want to confuse things- if you have an electric choke, there would be a wire to the choke heating element, too.

If you have an idle solenoid, check out the wire to make sure that it has not became disconnected.

Chris B.

'73 ex-Malaga

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Guest Anonymous

Thanks Chris, but I have manual choke with no idle solenoid - it will run slightly at idle but won't rev...

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