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Car cover recommendations

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On 1/27/2019 at 5:19 PM, SaharaX2 said:

The Bavarian Autosport covers are good.
They used to have a lifetime warranty on their ultimate covers that I have redeemed a couple of times over the years.

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I second the bav auto ones. They are somewhat reversable for the 02 so makes life easy trying to put one on. 

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My cover is starting to shred after several years of CA sun so I stumbled upon this thread on my hunt. 


Bavarian Autosport is out of business.  sadly. 


Cover Craft no longer offers custom covers for the 2002's (they have different styles since I last ordered from them 5 years ago. The Silverguard Plus is no longer an option). 


California car covers don't have pockets for the mirrors, and range from $175-$450. 

The Noah model is $236 +tax and shipping. 


I'm curious if anybody found another option out there with mirror pockets.  

I need UV, dust and Rain protection.


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I have used Cal Covers for all my cars and I have been very satisfied.  They fit perfectly.  I bought a superweave outdoor and an indoor cover for my 2002 and while they do not have mirror pockets, I find the cover fits perfectly.  In my opinion covers that dont have mirror pockets fit a just a bit looser which makes the cover easier to take off and put on.  Also a looser cover wont scratch your paint.  One of the downfalls of any cover is the possibility of putting small scratches in the paint.

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7 hours ago, Dudeland said:

How well do these fit cars with front spoilers and flares. ?


They are made to fit the car in stock form.  If you call them they will work with you for any mods to the stock pattern that you need.  I did that for one of my covers.

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On 3/1/2020 at 2:10 PM, gary32 said:

I was given a Beverly Hills Motoring 320i cover and it's going on year 12. Pretty nice and they make 2002 patterns. (4) different covers 2 inside, 2 outside I am using the flannel cover mine lives inside.



12 years? inside our outdoors?

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