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Parting out 72' tii

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Price: $100
Location: Pioneer, CA 95666 (sierra foothills)




The 72' is getting chopped up for parts. Some steel I am keeping for my projects. Can ship if desired. Ask for part, make an offer. I accept cash or paypal.

Has good front inner fenders, good sunroof, good sills and firewall except a small piece from driver's side i am using for myself. I stole the nose for my 73. The one off that car is basically worthless. This parts car was hit in the rear straight on, so trunk and fuel tank are worthless. 

I do have lots of trim, some ok, some bent and dented. good rear windshield and pop outs. 

I do have 2 somewhat rusty doors (complete) a rusty hood, 3 rusty fenders, and a rusty trunk lid that can be had for dirt cheap for local pickup only. 

Steering column is complete in good condition, with key.

front and rear subframes are in good condition.

17mm sway bars front and rear.

heater core/unit complete and fan intact. All cables and dampers intact.








VIN is 2761637

I was planning to keep the engine for my E21...

Driver's frame rail is claimed for my project.

Rear bumper is from my 73'

I don't think I have two sill covers to spare. I will have to dig around.

Front struts are sold, rear trailing arms sold. Wheels are sold. washer bottle sold.




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Headlight buckets are in great condition, hardly any surface rust, complete. $25 ea. picked up.



Also updating: 


Mostly steel parts left.

Rusty but easily repaired and complete doors with hardware and glass. some rust bubbles on outer bottom. $25 ea. picked up.

Hood with previous fiberglass repairs to rust, looks good exterior, but needs work to underside. $25

Trunk lid in similar condition as above. $25

great sills right and left, A pillar to B pillar $100 ea.

Right sill B pillar to C pillar $75

great inner fenders right and left. $100 ea.

Rear floor pans, right side in poor shape, left is good. $25/$50

right frame rail in good shape. $75

steering box in good shape. $100

steering column in great shape, includes original ignition assembly with key, anti-theft rivets still intact. $100

rear subframe in good shape $75

wiper /blinker switch intact, good condition $50

tii clock perfect visual and working condition including perfect wiring harness $200



Various interior parts and exterior trim $20 ea. ask for specific part, I have a lot but not everything.


Can ship, prices increased based on my time and shipping costs.

Accepting Paypal.





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