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Sold 1973 BMW 2002 For Sale

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Price: $16500
Location: Houston, Texas


With heavy heart, I am listing my 1973 2002.  I purchased this car in 2007, and it's the first collector car I've ever owned.  I basically learned to wrench on this car.  But, as one member reminds me a bunch - I don't drive it enough.  I'm worried that it is going to turn the corner, from a nice example to wasting away in my garage.  So - it's time to sent it to someone who will love it and enjoy it.


When I bought this car, it was a bone stock 73 2002.  It had been repainted, but not really sorted.  In the time of my ownership, I've done a lot of work, but here are the upgrades:


NOS vintage foglights

Silver star H4 headlights

"Dog Dishes" on back of headlights

Silicon Garage Radiator

Ireland Engineering Front swaybar

119 amp alternator

Battery relocation to trunk

Replaced solex carb with a Weber 32/36 carb

Ireland Engineering header (ceramic coated)

Tii brake booster

Tii brake master

"Round" washer bottle and refurb'd washer pump.

All new underhood stickers - placement questionable (hah!)

clutch slave cylinder replaced

Stainless steel front brake hoses

Replaced two front hardlines for brake system (one was wrong size for Tii booster, one broke while driving and was replaced).  

Front brakes rebuilt - rotors, calipers, pads and bearings

New front bearings Pertronix electronic ignition

new heater hoses

New "Samco Sport" silicon radiator hoses

new thermostat

front strut brace

Campagnolo Bertone "Spyder" wheels (NOS)

320 rear view mirror

New sunvisors (from germany - huge coin)

Dave Varco door boards (awesome)

Replaced driver's side window crank mechanism

Completely rebuilt instruments, customized by Palo Alto Speedo

Completely rebuilt a/c blower motor replaced a/c blower switch completely

new blue carpet OE BMW coco mats (Blue, White and Black)

Scheel sport seats

Nardi steering wheel with crazy hard to find Nardi wheel boss and custom BMW horn button

VDO 3 gauge cluster and custom gauge pod (oil press, head temp, volts)

fairly new Ansa center resonator

fairly new OE rear muffler and tip

Rear IE swaybar

rear stainless brake lines.

New rear drums, brake cyliners, springs

custom aluminum billet 3rd brake light

Zender rear spoiler

new vinyl on complete trunk boards.

Top End Performance rear battery mount with cutoff switch

3:90-1 LSD from an 83 320 (only 19500 real miles on that baby too)

Euro rear bumper  


Now - the bad:

It has leaking valve guide seals.  It's had that since I bought it.  It's not bad, but mostly because I'm running RedLine 15/50.  I meant to swap the head, but never made it that far.

There are some body dings.  Mostly around the rear bumper.

I never filled the holes when I removed the stock US bumper -just plugged them with rubber plugs.  Same with around the license plate.

When I was changing the tires this summer - I raised the car into the rafters in the garage - so there are two dents in the roof.  Those will need fixing.  I'm still angry about that.


Really, the car doesn't need much.  It runs and drives well.  I have a lot of parts, and I'd like them to go with the car.  The following comes to mind:


Perfectly machined E12 head with Dr.Schick's 292 cam inside it.  Titanium spring keepers, and locks on the rockers in stead of springs to keep them in place.

Attached to the head - two completely rebuilt Italian Weber DCOE 40's.  

Complete throttle linkage for the Webers

A complete 2.0 L block that just needs to be cleaned up from an 80's BMW (318 I think). 

A 2002 crank that looks in good shape.

A complete set of flat top pistons (1st overbore) - still in boxes - along with another set of rods.

ARP head stud set

Cometic gasket to go with a bunch of stock gaskets

A new oil pump still in box 

New timing chain gear and stuff

A new old stock Zender front spoiler, still unpainted.  

The normal aluminum Sport wheels from BMW.


I'd like all of this to go with the car, along with about 2 boxes of parts.   $5000 takes the parts.


Search my posts on the FAQ for more about my car and parts.









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OK - per requests -


No rust on the rockers


No rust in the wheel wells


Only rust I know of was at the bottom of the pedal box.  Ground out what I could, and covered the rest with marine primer (and that was about 10 years ago).


Headliner is in good shape.  Two small tears by the dome light, two small stains above the passenger seat.  










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