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cast aluminum DCOE velocity elbow air filter adapter

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Price: $195
Location: shipping worldwide


$195 EACH.

We all love the look of exposed velocity stacks, but lets face it: Clean air is highly underrated!…(& when you've spent thousands of dollars on a motor...and do not have a "race team budget" to afford a refresh every season, you cannot afford to put a pointless piece of mesh over an open stack!)


The cast aluminum DCOE velocity elbow air filter adapter is similar (and a direct replacement) to the part supplied by Alpina for the A1-A3 and other (E9 6 cyl) airboxes...and clears the stock 2002 (non-tii) brake booster!


Designed for ample flow to supply a 48mm side draft carburetor (weber, mikuni, solex, dellorto, etc.) and available in sizes cut to "port match" a 40, 42, 44, 45, & 48mm carb.  This part will work on virtually ANY DCOE equipped vehicle that has limited filter clearance. Requires removal (and drilling for bolt clearance) of top mounting stud on carburetor.

these will retrofit to existing ITG, UNI, K&N and other filters with minimal work to mounting plate.(KW Air filter housing option shown, should be ready for sale in a week or two!)














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16 hours ago, Mark92131 said:

Are you working on an air cleaner solution for Lynx Single DCOE Carb users?




Unfortunately the Lynx manifold single carb setup has not been high on the list... although easy to accomplish... and we could certainly come up with something that looks more "period correct" than the ITG, and higher quality (no more rusty chrome) than the K&N.... likely this would be the same size to our single downdraft air filter assembly, with a different bottom.

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9 hours ago, 2joejoe2 said:

Dang those are really nice, they would be perfect for my blow through turbo set up. Do they fit on Mikuni PHH 40s? 

the mikuni PHH has a different bolt pattern at the inlet side, they would have to be adapted... I'm not real familiar as there are a few changes over the years.



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