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The previous owner of my 2002 did a hack-job on my throttle pedal setup and as a result it's incredibly sloppy. My 2002 before it was stock and had no such issues. Does anyone have the entire system (which attaches to the pedal box, the pedal itself, and to the block)?

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Let me know what carb set-up you have and if the car is an automatic or not. With that, I can figure out all the part numbers involved in supplying new bits! I have (or can get) nearly all of it easily.


Shoot me a PM or follow-up with photos if possible, and I'll see what I have!


zenwrenchpaul@yahoo.com = personal e mail

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Here are a few links to exploded diagrams with pricing. For the silly-expensive parts, I might be able to dig up some used bits. The major variation, is in the manner the horizontal linkage rod attaches to the carb. There were two or three versions of this. A photo of your carb - where the linkage engages it - will help! Some use a ball / cup / pin arrangement, while others simply use an "L" shaped lever that engages a basic fork on the carb. 


For installation, I can give you some pointers, too. I see a lot of avoidable failures on 2002 throttle linkages. 





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