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Too many cars?

How many cars is too many?  

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  1. 1. How many cars is too many?

    • Two
    • Three
    • Four
    • No limit!

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So I've finally found my personal sweet spot, and apparently my magic number is 3, and 4 is too much.  I just recently acquired my final dream car: an E39 M5.  But this has brought my personal vehicle count to four: the 2002, the E30, and 2 E39s, (not including my wife's Forester or the Vespa), and I can finally admit it's too many.  Three in the garage and one in the driveway, with three BMWs covering 4-cyl, 6-cyl, and 8-cyl configurations is my optimum, so this means the 540i will need to find a new home shortly.  Fortunately, I think my dad will be more than happy to take it off my hands for me.  Means we'll probably never have room for a minivan, but I suspect before too long we'll replace the wifey's car with an X5, and that'll be just fine.  What about the rest of you, where's you sweet spot? How many cars is too many for you? Is there even a limit. . . ?


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No Limit,  I frequently tell my wife:  "You can NEVER have too many Cars!"  Right now I am at 5 toys, 1970 1600, 1982 633CSi, 1999 318ti(AutoX), 1968 V8 Mustang, 2011 550i MSport(6 speed),  This does not include my wife's daily driver (X5) and my DD (E39).  The problem for me is storage & rotation of the cars during the limited summer in upstate NY.  My 26 year old son just picked up his 3rd car and my wife just shook her head and said "why"?  His response:  "You can NEVER have too many cars"!  I taught him well!

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I'm at four right now ('71 2002, '98 M3 (Auto-x/track), '03 540it, wife's Acura TLX).  the worst part is I only have a one car garage, and a spot to block the garage, the other two are on the street.  We should be moving this year to a larger place which means space for a project car.

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I think as long as you have the space, you're good. And of course, time to drive them....



I am at 4 right now, but no plans on stopping.


1965 Chevy Impala

1972 BMW 2002

1985 Toyota Corolla GT-S ( AE86 ) 

2003 BMW M3



sometimes... I cant decide what to drive! 

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15 minutes ago, NYNick said:

3. It's hard enough finding the time to exercise them properly.

Sorry, 3 is enough, 4 too many.

72 911T (needs to go)

74 2002 tii

78 911SC

88 Landcrusier

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As long as each has a purpose and you have time or money to keep them in running condition, get as many as you need.


We've got 4 in rotation now, with eventual plans for a 5th. 

I've got the 2002 for my normal commuting or trips by myself.  I've got the '65 Datsun truck for hauling firewood, mulch, junk, or anything else major and dirty.  I've got Land Cruiser for when I need to haul kids, family trips, hauling big stuff that needs to fit inside vehicle, and for winter driving when Datsun/BMW are hiding from salt.  

Wife has Subaru Outback for her normal driving, and for hauling kids to daycare.

I had a rusty miata that didn't have a real purpose after the LC took its role as winter beater.  I cut it up and have drivetrain stored in workshop so I can eventually build a Locost frame it, hopefully around the time my kids are old enough to drive/race it.  


Nothing is perfect, and no time or plans to ever make them perfect.  But one at a time I've made them reliable enough to drive on long trips without worry.

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you are just beginning, grasshopper.



lost count a while ago

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I'm with "can never have too many" camp.  I haven't even finished my 02 yet, but always on the lookout for another one to bring back to life.  Is that normal when inflicted with this disease?

  • 74 2002 Tii
  • Subaru Forester (Daily, paid $500 for it)
  • Toyota Tacoma (for outdoor excursions)
  • Toyota Sequoia (for road trips and oil companies stock)
  • Fancy Lexus (wife's and way too many bells and whistles)
  • Honda Civic (just bought for my 16 YO daughter who doesn't even have her license yet)

I'm on the lookout for a VW Eurovan, but they're appreciating well like, 02's.  Coincidentally, my insurance agent drives a really nice car and is always playing golf.

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I'm pretty much settled - my Wife says we're settled.

I'd still like to add a Z3M Coupe and a 60s/70s US wagon.

To keep them the way they are or improving them driving them is really consuming most of my spare time, but that's how i like it.

'29 Buick, '29 Buick, '67 1600-2, '93 e34 M5 Touring and a boring DD
'75 3.0 Csi, '92 964 Cab and an e39 Touring DD

78 VW LT Firetruck

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'68 BMW 1600-2

'70 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300TI (just finished a 2L conversion)

'74 Alfa Romeo Berlina (semi-daily driver)

2018 Toyota Tacoma (the DD/utility vehicle)

2018 Mercedes E300 (the wifes ride)


I've got a lot to do....and i keep telling myself I have enough...but yet I still keep finding myself looking for that NK I've always been looking for. 

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Love this thread.

88 M3

70 2002 project

05 330 zhp vert wife car

03 excursion tow vehicle

18 chevy traverse(work car)

really want to add a 911-996 but just cut down from 2 kids in college to 1. May take a while.

When kids are home

08 mini clubman(I bought new)

07 x3

86 325e project in progress

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I am going to hide this thread from my wife.  she made me sell my sweet baby e34 535im that I fell in love with and now I am down to 3 (500e DD/Blown M3/and the garage queen 2002).  I think 4 is good.  

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