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'74 2002tii pre-purchase inspection - what to check?

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I've found a 74 2002tii in NW Houston that I can pick up for what I think is really cheap - I'd love to find a 2002tii expert do a pre-purchase inspection on the thing, but I haven't found anyone who could come look at it, and I think I'd have to buy the car to haul it out of there. It's been sitting for who knows how long, and reportedly is missing the driveshafts. I don't see any obvious rust in it, but I'm sure there has to be some in it somewhere. If I'm going to pick it up for little money I need to do it before the place that has it figures out what it's really worth. Any suggestions what is most important to check? At this point I don't even know if it turns over. I suppose #1 is checking to see if the engine can be turned over by hand. I haven't seen keys for the car anywhere, if they've gone missing, I suspect that a person potentially could jump a starter solenoid - can anyone tell me how to do that? 


#2 - compression check? anything special in doing that?


It almost certainly has old stale gas that has potentially gummed up everything, so I suspect even with starting fluid thinking it might catch could be optimistic. Any suggestion on the millions of things I don't know anything about (kugelfisher, I'm talking about you!) would be very welcome.


Why I didn't take any more pics of the exterior, IDK - it's straight, no obvious rust, I can't imagine it being original paint, but it has some scratches and other issues.


Anyone want to offer opinions as to what would be a good price? (yes, those aren't the right seats for it (320i maybe?) but having the wrong seats is one of my lesser worries right now.




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This is posted in a specialized discussion for 1600ti’s and 2002ti’s, sub-models with dual sidedraft Solexes from the factory. A 2002tii request will get far more traffic in the General Discussion.


I’d recommend you cut and paste this post into a new post in the General Discussion.


Yes, rust and body issues are probably far more important than non-original seats. The nosepiece has likely been replaced over the last 44 years, but a majority of ‘02 nosepieces — not just tii’s — have probably been replaced by now.


At least the front end has been re-painted — that’s all I see. But most ‘02’s are on their second/third/whatever paint job by now.


Does the engine number match the VIN? It’s on a flat boss on the rear left side of the block, just above the starter’s nose.


Looks like a bonafide 278xxxx tii (November 1973 through December 1974) but email the VIN to BMW Group Archives and request the car’s data ([email protected]).






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