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My California adventure.....(LOTS of pics...and rambling tex

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Post suspension.JPG

URL: http://www.seamsperfect.ca

Hi all,

Well, Anita and I arrived home from our California trip late yesterday afternoon, and we could hardly believe the trip was already over. Despite some incredibly overzealous SFO airport security who are now profiling Canadians as terrorists....oh the paranoia! It was an adventure if nothing else, but I will NOT be flying out of any US city for a loooooooong time. We had a wonderful trip despite the horrible treatment from those A-holes.

Anyway, onto better things. I want to thank a whole bunch of people who helped make our trip so grand. First off is Jay Kehoe. What a class act this guy is! Opened up his home to us, let us drive his cars, and just generally made the trip an incredibally pleasant experience. I cannot say enough great things about Jay's hospitality. Thanx a bunch. Next up is Michael Dubois, who we went to visit down in Hollister on Sunday. Another incredible host, and should you ever have the chance to get to Hollister, make damn sure you look Michael up. Sunday was probably one of the greatest vacation days I've ever had. From P51 Mustangs to incredible Alpinas blasting down winding back roads, it was awesome. I also wanted to thank Steve Jackson, and Richard Sheer who both took time out of their lives to visit with us at Jay's on Monday night, and enjoy some great BBQ.

Finally, to all the guys who I met on Saturday, what a rush! So nice to finally put faces to all you FAQers names. I barely had a moment to check out the cars, but that was fine. It's more about the people anyway. What a day.

Well, I'll mostly shut up now, and post some pics.....

Following Jay and Davin through the streets of SFO on Saturday morning...



Doing our damndest to keep up with Jay's tii A4(we're driving Jay's 71 Sahara). Yes, the speedo is accurate! That's 5500 in 5th gear.


Here's some pics I took at the show:












Anyone recognise this dash? ;-)


Here's some pics from our Hollister trip...Awesome!

We met Michael at the Hollister airport, where we viewed some very cool airplanes, including a pair of P-51 Mustangs.




Next up was a trip to Hollister Auto Body.




Now for the REALLY fun stuff.






Back at Michael's house at the end of a great day.


Luckily they don't throw people here for moving violations!


Spotted this 74tii in Pacific Heights on Monday. Recaros, Borrani steel wheels, and some other goodies. Anyone here?


Typical California parking and driving!


Well, hope you enjoyed the pics. I know I enjoyed taking them! I'll see you all next year, or maybe down in Palo Alto this Spetember. Either way, I'll be driving down next time.


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Guest Anonymous


Now THAT will get you the treatment at the airport!

How was the strip search?

It was great to meet you and Anita. Monday evening was really nice. Thanks to Jay for putting on that spread. Wow! As I'm walking out the front door, a square light 02 drives by. A common sight in that neighborhood, I guess.

I hope you two can make it down to SLO in September. Maybe we can show you some sites on our side of the Bay.

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Guest Anonymous

Bimmer LS.jpg

I didn't have the chance to visit Michael when I was in SF, he did email me offering his hospitality and a trip through those curvy back roads. His intentions deserve an "A" in my book!

I did manage to hook up with my friend Jay. He also let me drive his '71 Sahara to Bill Arnolds house. I didn't 'floor' the baby like you did but it was fun to drive.

I'm looking forward to meeting some new '02 friends on my trip to LA next month.

Here I am siting in Jay's Sahara - which I tease Jay by telling him that it's really my Sahara!


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Guest Anonymous


I really don't get to do this as often as I would like to. There

is yet another road that is also a blast - maybe next year will

do the sunday after the show again.

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Guest Anonymous

Post suspension.JPG

URL: http://www.seamsperfect.ca

Thankfully they stopped a step below the strip search, but I'm still PO'd about the whole damn ordeal. I've always enjoyed visiting the US in years past, but the extreme paranoia level down there will likely keep me away more often than not. Not fun to deal with. It looks like Fest West and Pacificfest are on the same weekend, which is a serious bummer. I may have to flip a coin. Either way, I will be solo, as Anita will be back in school then.


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Guest Anonymous

Post suspension.JPG

URL: http://www.seamsperfect.ca

It's a lovely car no doubt, but I would take Michael Dubois's Alpina tii in a heart beat! COOP's car is great, but that Alpina is magic.

Besides, COOP's dash has some flaws. Now COOP, I'm not trying to be inflammatory here, but you might want to go back to your trim guy. The way he finished the defroster vents was not nice. They should be completely wrapped inside the vents, and then have the plastic vent pieces re-installed. It's a small detail, but it shouldn't be overlooked. Your dash would not have left my shop looking that unfinished. Please don't take the wrong way, as it's simply my opinion, and something you should have him(or a better trimmer) fix.


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