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Peculiar ignition switch trouble

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So my ignition switch has gone on the fritz...when I turn the key to OFF, the starter turns. When I turn it to just ignition on, it does not. Starting the car is normal. So, before I dig into this and see whats wrong...I thought Id ask here if I can get any insight on what I am looking at, since I've never actually looked into how this thing works.How easy/hard it is to remove/service the internal of this? I hear its just easier to ditch the whole column/switch assembly for a new one? May it just be as simple as removing the barrel, and replacing that?

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there are a couple of threads of folks with same issue.


electrical part of the ignition switch is ez to remove.  get it off, use some contact cleaner on it, then test continuity in all positions.  it may be saveable, it may not be....

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To remove the electrical portion of the lock/switch assembly, there are only two easily removed (small, 5mm long?) flat head screws on the BACK side of the lock. Most will have yellow paint dots on them, unless they've been removed previously. You need to remove some of the lower column trim, but all you need are screwdrivers for this. Phillips and flat head type. 


Make sure your battery is disconnected before you do this work and write down the orientation of the wires for each pin / numbered position on the switch. You can compare with a factory wiring diagram to see if one or more are in the wrong position. 


You can use a multi meter to establish if the switch is functioning properly and also check wires for damage or looseness while you're at it. 



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