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Tii alternator belt rubbing timing cover

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I've noticed that my fan belt is sawing into my timing dust cover. My plastic dust cover may be swelled or distorted a little from age and heat, but is this a normal occurrence?

Thanks, Steve

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Very VERY common. A combination of several factors I believe:


overtightening of the bolts that hold the plastic cover on will make it belly-out a little. You could try removing it and gently warming it up with boiling water or (if you're brave) a heat gun to straighten it, perhaps? 


worn / sloppy alternator bushings


loose belt (at least at one time)


heat / age


Mine has a little of that scuffing evident, and I've decided not to stress out over it. FWIW: original fitment fan belts were 9.5mm wide and most OEM replacement belts are 10mm. That's not helping things, either! 


Other than the cosmetic bummer, you have little to fear, regarding failure of either part. Definitely check your alternator for perfect alignment to the other pulleys, though! When in doubt - replace the bushings (even the thin ones at the bottom of the adjuster slider bar/stud on the front timing cover) with harder HD ones!


Worst case scenario: the lower pulley on the crankshaft has been installed backwards - which would make your TDC mark location incorrect, etc... and would be digging in to the lower plastic cover at it's edge, too. 




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Well that's good news that it's normal. I'll see if I can do a little readjusting on the plastic dust cover. Now that you mention it, it looks to be 'bellied out' a little.

Thanks so much, Steve 

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Most likely the alternator bushing...get underneath the front of the car on the left side and look up....is the alternator pulley at same position/angle as crank pulley?? Can you waggle the alt?

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