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Reigns and Duet - two best offline games for Android to play now
Mobile games have exploded in recent years and become one of the best ways to relax after stressful hours at work or simply to kill time. Along with that, mobile devices have now become an ideal companion for game lovers which allow you to play a lot of exciting games anytime, anywhere. 
There are a ton of games in different genres available on the Android app stores for you to choose from. Some games require an internet connection to work, which makes them useless if there is no WiFi or mobile network available. Furthermore, online games sometimes contain a lot of ads that may negatively affect the overall gaming experience. At that time, offline games will be a perfect choice. And if you still do not know which offline game to install on your Android device, check out two the most exciting games below. Just visit our APK store, download them from our Apk market download at Top1apk and enjoy now!
It can be a bit challenging to get used to this game, but once you find the game's attractions, you will realize Reigns is really an excellent offline game. In this game, you will play the role of a king - a ruler of a kingdom in which you must make the right decisions for the benefits of everyone and the kingdom's development. There are four metrics that will determine your fate in the game: faith, defenses, well-being, and finances. If there is any metric of them dropping to zero, you will not only have to give up the throne but also be punished by beheading, poisoning, and many other terrible punishments.
To rule your kingdom, the game offers you some cards, and you will have to make decisions by swiping like the control mechanism of the Tinder app. You just need to swipe right or left on the cards to make your decisions, usually answering yes-no questions or sometimes more complex options. If you die, a new king will take over, and you start playing as a new ruler.
All your actions leave consequences in your kingdom, they may be good or also not good, and you can know this by looking at the diagram at the top of the screen. Each decision you made represents a year in Reigns so you must be really smart and wise to make the right choices, helping your kingdom survive until you die naturally. 
Ensuring the four metrics mentioned above are always at the highest level is the most important factor to win but of course, it is not as simple as you think. If you improve a metric, there will always be another metric reduced. For example, when you develop your army, you will definitely have to spend some coins, and if your financial metric is decreased, your residences may starve to death. And of course, no player wants any metric to fall to zero. Fortunately, before making each decision, you can check the attributes of each decision by slowly sliding that card left or right.
Of course, this is just a game, so you do not need to be too pressured on everything, just try playing and relax. With the sliding mechanic and simple controls, Reigns is really an engaging game that is worth a try. If you are too fed with shooting games or survival games and want to find something new, do not miss this game title. Reigns is offered for about $3 with no in-game purchases and ads - a great price for such an exciting offline game.
If you have defeated this game, you can also try the sequel to this series, called Reigns: Her Majesty. Basically, the gamble mechanism has unchanged, but instead of playing a king, you will complete the tasks as a queen in a kingdom undergoing a renaissance. You have to lead your country through conflicts, make the right decisions and deal with personal relationships. The game also costs about $3, and if you love this game series, there is no reason why you do not try playing Reigns: Her Majesty.
You can click here https://twitter.com/top1apk1 to find more game and play right away!
With tens of millions of downloads, Duet is definitely one of the popular offline games that you should try. Everything in the game from the interface, the soundtrack to the weapon system is excellent, making it become a great offline game ever. Instead of providing a lovely storyline with gentle music, Duet is a harsh and cold reality, with electronic beats and in-depth techniques that lead you through a maze of fast-moving lines of devastation.
Like drinking an energy drink, the game makes you a bit restless and crazy with really engaging gameplay. Levels often offer short, easy-to-perform goals, but challenging enough to help you not be bored. You will have to die many times before you can move on to the next level. 
Of course, nothing is perfect and this game, either. Perhaps the biggest drawback of Duet is that there are too many ads and the length of them is quite long. After a few levels, the game will ask you to upgrade to the paid version, and if you refuse, a 15-second or 30-second ad that cannot be skipped will start playing. This sometimes makes players feel annoyed, adversely affecting the overall gaming experience. However, if you really love this game, do not hesitate to spend a few dollars to buy a paid version, which will completely remove ads. Definitely add this game to your offline game collection.
Unique graphics, no internet access required, Reigns and Duet are truly two best offline games you should try at least once. Just download these games from Top1apk - free store of .apk files for Android games and apps and enjoy them whenever you want. Hope you will have fun moments while playing these games and if you have any suggestions, feel free to share them with us. Have fun!


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